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Shia Muslims are being systematically defamed, discriminated and persecuted against, in various Islamic lands by fellow Muslims who brand them kafir (infidel) and Najis (unclean) and consider their blood and property as legitimate to spill and confiscate. Shia Muslims are tortured, tormented and treated like sub-human and butchered like lambs on a daily basis in various Muslim countries. Numerous pogroms have had been orchestrated against the followers of Ahlul Bayt for the past 1400 years. Though these atrocities are occasionally highlighted by international media and documented by the U.N. and human rights organizations, little or no action has been forthcoming from any source.defamationsmartart3

As documented by WikiLeaks and a few other sources, the gullible Western powers have been misled and manipulated by the so-called allies dangling petro-dollars and catering to the strategic interests, blinding the otherwise humane and sympathetic ears. Moreover, powerful lobbies and interest groups have managed to pose as righteous and just and portray the Shia as lackeys and patriots of rogue nations.

Thus, in order to combat the acts of defamation, discrimination and persecution of the global Shia Muslims, there is a dire need to proclaim a united, concerted and loud Shia presence in various centers of power such as United States, European Nations and the United Nations among others. Hence, this is an impassioned plea for the formation of a Shia Public Affairs Committee (ShiaPAC) as the single most potent and powerful vehicle to expose and stop the evil endeavors of enemies determined to mistreat and marginalize the Shia.

All the appropriate infrastructure (Managerial & Operational) is in place as well as the organizational planning, programming and budgeting aspects with respect to this project are complete and ready to be launched. Financing for an endeavor of this scope and magnitude, though, remains a huge challenge, especially because as a policy ShiaPAC does not accept contributions from governments. That leaves the onus of funding of this herculean task on the shoulders of the global Shia populace. According to the hadith of The Prophet “Everyone is a leader and everyone is answerable”.

Therefore it behooves upon every individual Shia to make this cause personal and actively engage in its success.

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