By: Agha Shaukat Jafri

There is not much else that can be added to what the New York Times Editorial Board has already done in terms of blasting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey, who happens to possess an insatiable appetite for control and power. Mr. Erdogan, from the very onset of his entry into Turkey’s leadership, has been after his nation’s neighbors, namely Iraq, Egypt, and Syria. An avowed Salafi, and a recent entrant into the global Wahhabi/Salafi cabal, Mr. Erdogan has been successful in maintaining close relationships with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the foremost advocates of Salafism. King Abdullah of Jordan and President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi of Egypt as well as the members of gulf Monarchies despise his advocacy of political Islam as a system for governing the Muslim countries.

The Ottomans of Turkey ruled most of the Middle East for centuries, and then came the colonial British empire that ousted the Turkish Sultanate from the present day Arab lands. Mr. Erdogan’s nefarious nostalgia haunts him to no end, and as one of the main instigator of the turmoil, first in Egypt and then in the Levant, this sleazy Sultan of the contemporary times, sees opportunities and thus seeks to become the big bully amongst the Bedouins of Arabia. He has blood on his hands of thousands of Kurds, who continue to get oppressed and outmaneuvered by his cunning and cruel schemes. His country’s NATO membership has never been threatened because of The Western powers blind belief that he is their last Muslim hope, keep worsening the calculus of calm and political stability in and around Turkey.

Unless his endless lust for power kept in check, Mr. Erdogan with his most deleterious dossier of the past 12 years can become a real monster in the likes of Adolf Hitler (Whose power grab in Europe, Erdogan, once admired), and the cause of a major conflict, if not a Third World War. He has silenced almost all opposition politics parties, and imprisoned most of his adversaries, since the July coup attempt. Emboldened by an outburst of domestic and international sympathy resulting from his victorious return to the power, Mr. Erdogan can do no wrong. The Western Powers, that have always appeased him in the past, share the bigger blame for his reprehensible rise, and by pandering and promoting a defiant Recep Erdogan, they have enabled him to slide into one delusion of grandeur after another!

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