The Grand Takfiri !


By: Agha Shaukat Jafri

There is nothing shocking about the enclosed statement by Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Sheikh, a Takfiri bigot, who appears to be more like a conniving magician from the streets of medieval Mecca than a top cleric. He happens to hail from the most sacred land, that has tragically been hijacked by the satanic Salafi clan of Al-Saud. The Saudi ruling class, in collaboration with the Wahhabi establishment of Clerics, is busy disseminating the destructive and divisive gospel of Ibn Temmeyya and Mohammed Ibn Abdul Al-Wahab. They are infesting the landscape with their hate speech by funding Mosques and Madrassas, staffed by the Imams, they continue to train en masse.

Since Saudi Arabia lacks the presence of a world class institution of Islamic education, Unlike Egypt, Iraq and Syria, this sort of deleterious diatribe by a Wahhabi cleric does not impact the spiritual sanctity and religious sovereignty of Iranian Muslims. The Islamic world recently became aware of the news that Al-Azhar, the foremost institution of Fiqh and Jurisprudence in Sunni Islam had excluded the Wahhabi adherents of Salafism from the fold by disinviting them from a major Islamic conference. To the Saudi propaganda machine, Al-Azhar’s snub was the greatest source of embarrassment and humiliation.

Muslims in general, and Shias in particular should not be rattled by such abhorrent and reprehensible rhetoric that is disgorged, on an around the clock basis, by the Wahhabi/Salafi propaganda apparatus, disparaging and demonizing Muslims and people of other faiths. These fellows of factionalism and falsehood existed during the life of the Prophet of Islam (P.B.U.H.) and were dismissed as al-Khawarij. They had no credentials and credibility as keepers of Islam then, and it is beyond any rationale to dignify their presence now !

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