You are not invited!

Al Azhar

By: Agha Shaukat Jafri

The disciples of Ibn Tammiyya and Mohammad Ibn Abdul- Wahab, who were never kind to fellow Muslims, Sunni and Shia alike, and never hesitated calling them Kafir (Infidel) and Najis (Unclean), for rejecting their most deleterious doctrine, are now faced with the rude awakening of their own making. Jama al Azhar, the single most prominent and powerful institution of Fiqh and Jurisprudence in Sunni Islam showed their moxie as well as their mettle in dismembering the grotesque goons of Salafism from their ranks.

This bold and brave act by Sheikh Ahmed al Tayeb, the grand Imam of Al-Azhar, of dis-inviting the members of Wahhabi and Salafi establishment in a major Islamic conference in Chechnya, Russia, has not only sent shock waves in the Islamic World, it is indeed, the beginning of the end.

Of course, the true keepers of Sunni Islam recognize that all the mayhem and massacre that is taking place during contemporary times, is planned, programmed and orchestrated by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and The United Arab Emirates , who are hell-bent upon changing the world order. These Cannibals, under the guise of being the rightful adherents of Islam, are desecrating the true image and essence of Islam.

Now that the proverbial noose is beginning to tighten around the nefarious necks of these cruel and criminal gangs, people of other faiths will have no difficulty in understanding and respecting both Islam as an Abrahamic faith and Muslims. They will recognize and respect Muslims both Sunni and Shia, as peace-loving brethren in humanity.


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