India and Pakistan!


By: Agha Shaukat Jafri

Besides all the pomp and ceremony that surrounded their respective Independence days celebrations (Pakistan on August 14,1947 & India on August 15,1947), there was not much apparent peace and harmony between the two nuclear giants, who have been moving forward, for the past few decades, on a pathway to peril and destruction. India is determined to impress the West and China by showcasing its might as the sole big dog of the subcontinent and champion of democracy. Kashmir is not the only spoil, India has inherited as a result of the 1947 partition. Overall Unrest, coupled with a few secession movements engulf this large land of almost 1.3 billion people of significantly diverse ethnicities and religions. This prompts quite ugly and bloody retaliations by the Indian armed forces against numerous minorities that take place with great frequency, but seldom reported by the international print & broadcast media. In addition to China and Pakistan, India is forced to count Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal as its perennial adversaries.

Pakistan, on the other hand, has become a puppet of Wahhabi and Salafi warlords of Arabia, and a haven to malicious Madrasas which unleash hate speech and produce terrorists who maim and massacre people of other sects and faiths. Also, its government influenced by the Wahhabi & Salafi ideologies keeps close relationships with the Western powers, who exploit this unfortunate nation, on an as-needed basis. Furthermore, Pakistan acts as a conduit for the Western powers to the cruel and criminal regimes of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar, only because the wicked monarchies of the gulf have satanic dreams of exploiting the nuclear capabilities of its fellow Muslim power. In the meanwhile, Pakistan, an extremely strategic and potentially powerful nation of the future, continues to be undone by its most corrupt and incompetent leadership. These insincere and illegitimate leaders take their orders from Riyadh and Doha as opposed to from their own citizenry that empowers them during the fraudulent elections.

Much like the Middle East, the mantra of peace and prosperity has, historically been absent from the sub-continent, because both India and Pakistan refuse to sit together and work out a fair and forthright solution to the disputed territories of Jammu & Kashmir, first and foremost to the satisfaction of the people of Kashmir. And just like the conflicts of the Middle East, the bloodshed and destruction in the Sub-continent does not subside by either the military might of India or the terror tactics of Pakistan. The Western powers can very well assist, but they would rather arm and prop up India as a major power in that region to counter China. That places India, as the big brother in the region, who must provide the leadership and offer compromises, while sacrificing its ego and its not so eternal strength.

Pakistan must have to play its part, and it must stop taking orders from the Saudi and Qatari bloodthirsty syndicates and its mercenaries Al-Qaida and Taliban. Afghanistan and Islamic Republic of Iran are quite unhappy with Pakistan for selling its soul to the wicked Wahhabi kingdom of Saudi Arabia for a few billion Riyals. Pakistan must articulate a narrative of reason and rationale. It has no right to threaten its neighbors, but it must remind India that its poorly supervised nuclear arm button is only seconds and inches away from the reach of an operator, who is inspired in total by the most sick and suicidal Salafi ideology that is determined to incinerate everyone, a dreadful scenario, not many of the mankind that populates the sub-continent would be able to witness !


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