Everyday is Ashura every land is Karbala!


Replied by: Agha Shaukat Jafri

Janab Khalid Qureshi Saheb : Wa Alaikum Assallam

First and foremost, please be rest assured that a overwhelming majority of the Muslim Ummah, both Sunni and Shia, not only recognizes the most sacred and noble status of Hussain Ibn Ali (A.S.), it firmly and wholeheartedly believes that he was the ultimate cause of saving Islam from the most cruel and criminal claws of Yazid Ibn Moaveyya and his followers.

Not only the adherents of Islam, masses belonging to other faiths commemorate with total zeal, the martyrdom of Aba Abdullah al-Hussain (A.S.). The great Hindu leaders such as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and Rabindranath Togore as well as the British intellectuals Bertrand Russell and Edward Gibbons, amongst many others, have endlessly showered heaps of love and admiration for the grandson of the prophet of Islam.

Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti, the great Indian Sufi Saint of the 12th century thundered :

   Shah Hustto Hussain, Badeshah Husto Hussain
   Deen Husto Hussain, Deen Panah Husto Hussain

Surdad Nadad Dust,Der Dustay Yazid Huqqa Kay Bina Aey La Illaha Husto Hussain

 Secondly, we encounter on an around the clock basis, not just one article, but countless number of the most reprehensible rhetoric that is spouted by the Munafiqs like A. Q. Khan. Who is he and why must we be offering so much concern and credence to that man. Is he not the one who stole the nuclear technology from the West and became a hero in Pakistan, only to be discredited later, when he attempted to sell the same technology to Libya and North Korea for personal gains, causing an unprecedented humiliation to his country.

The most satanic acts of attacking our endeared Ahl ul Bayt (A.S.) have been going on for the Past 1400 years, and we have not been able to stop them. Our strategy must be to ignore all such shameless and sinful endeavors of our enemies. These bastardy acts of theirs did not get them anywhere so far, and it will never get them anywhere in the future.

Did Moaveyya and his followers not keep the campaign of cursing Ali Ibn Talib (AS) for years, and were 11 of our 12 imams, who belonged to the family of the holy prophet (PBUH), not martyred by the Ummayyides and the Abbasiyyides?

Yazid Ibn Moaveyya, like his master Shaeytan ul Rajeem, may indeed command the affection of the followers such as A.Q. Khan, but Yazid’s persona can never be described in the same breath, much less equated with Aba Abdullah al- Hussain (A.S.).

Hussaniat, its virtues, its sanctity, and its exaltedness can never be challenged by anyone until the Day of Judgment. Millions of Zawwar, many millions more than the one who visit Mecca for annual Hajj and Umra, pay their homage to Hussain Ibn Ali (A.S.), his faithful family members such as Abbas Alamdar (A.S.) as well as his companions.

Hussainiat does not need any defense or for that matter a rebuttal against the deleterious demons and thieves like Dr. khan, the Abu Hurraira of the contemporary times.

We, the followers of Ahl ul Bayt (A.S.) can never be fearful or frightened by some tainted tone and tasteless text that get disgorged by the likes of A.Q.khans, Israr Ahmeds and Nisar Naiks of the Wahhabi and Salafi world. These Takfiri thugs are only interested in fomenting the sectarian divide that results in maiming and massacring of innocent people. The disciples of Ibn Tammeyya and Mohammed Ibn Abdul Wahab will never go away, and they should not, because only then the people of other sects and faiths would be able to understand the difference between Hussaniyat and Yazeediyat.

We must be very proud and we must be confident and courageous with respect to our convictions, and not get rattled by the people who are hell-bent upon following a perilous path. Our belief (Aqeeda) is not just paramount and powerful, it is incontrovertible. It shall, Inshshallh, lead us to only one pathway, and that is straight to the Jannat al Firdous!

Aap kay Qadmone May Jannat Hai Hamaree Ya Hussain (A.S.)
Fatima Zehra (A.S.) Kay Qadmone May Hai Jannat Aap kee


Original request by:  Mr. Khaild

Salam Jaffri Sahib,

I am at a bit loss, sir. All I have requested is to draw attention of an Alim who could write a rebuttal and get it printed in Jang. AQ Khan has implied in his article that Yazid would go to Jannat!!! Do you agree with this public assertion in the top circulated newspaper of Pakistan? if not then please act. Living in a remote part of North Carolina, having no clout to get an article published in Jang. The Alims that you have mentioned do not even know me. There are many many who know you very well and probably act. You certainly can call someone in Pakistan and forward the request.

By the way, have you read his Khan’s article yet?

Kindest Regards,


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