Lets remember the sacrifices of Abu Ṭālib ibn ‘Abd al-Muṭṭalib the leader of the Banu Hashim who is the 1st Benefactor of Islam



Lets remember the sacrifices of Abu Ṭālib ibn ‘Abd al-Muṭṭalib the leader of the Banu Hashim who is the 1st Benefactor of Islam. He died after enduring the harsh conditions of hunger, thirst & surviving on leaves for 3 years in She’eb Ali Talib. Abu Talib’s unwavering support of the Holy prophet in the hardest times in the history of Islam should never be forgotten by Muslims.

Abu Talib is the Holy Prophet’s uncle who took care of him from the age of 9 till the age of 50. During Abu Talib’s lifetime, he was the biggest deterrent to the rest of the Meccan aristocracy who wanted to kill the Prophet. At great risk to his life and that of his own family, Abu Talib protected the Prophet from the age of 9 by which time he had lost both his parents as well as his grand father.

He sacrificed his own interests for that of Mohammad. When the Prophet was 25 years old, Abu Talib got him the job with the best business house in Mecca. Later on, it was Abu Talib who conducted the marriage ceremony of the Holy Prophet with his first wife Bibi Khadija. During the decades long span of that marriage, the Holy Prophet was monogamous.

For the next 25 years, it was the unwavering support of Bibi Khadijah and Abu Talib which provided Mohammad with everything. It was the material, financial and emotional support of these two individuals that allowed the Holy Prophet to both survive and thrive in all areas of his life. When both Abu Talib and Bibi Khadija died in the same year, the Holy Prophet was so devastated that he reserved an entire year to grieve and mourn for the two people that meant the world to him. Their mantle was picked up by Imam Ali, the son of Abu Talib and Bibi Fatima, the daughter of Bibi Khadija.

Yet, today, the sectarian animosity against Abu Talib is such that he is considered to be outside the pale of Islam. There are subsects in Islam such as the Wahhabis who consider both Abu Talib and the Prophet’s parents to be Infidels! If anyone wants to know the foundations of hate and jealousy in the beliefs of Al Qaeda/FSA and ISIS, the just have to see Wahhabi hatred against Abu Talib and the Prophet’s own parents. Their very graves have been destroyed by the Wahhabi regime of Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, Bibi Khadija is another central historical figure who is completely sidelined within the mainstream narrative. There are no significant – if any – historical traditions or sayings that are attributed to her. And this is the individual who was one of the closest to the Holy Prophet.
It is obvious that the sidelining and Takfir (apostasy) against Bibi Khadija and Abu Talib represents “modern” Islam’s biggest perversion. The last two hundred years of Wahhabi and Deobandi “reform” have seen the most significant destruction of both physical history and metaphysical narratives within Islam.

The treatment meted out to Abu Talib is the most grotesque. The Prophet literally depended on Abu Talib for his very survival from the age of 9 to 50! Abu Talib was his nephew’s biggest supporter and yet today, he is considered an Infidel – especially within Saudi sponsored Wahhabism.. And not just by raving and frothing Saudi-sponsored Wahhabi and Deobandi clerics. Even sauve and well disguised bigots posing as “progressives” are quick to declare Abu Talib an infidel – such is their bigotry towards the father of Imam Ali.

Muslims will forever remain cursed because of what they have done to Abu Talib and his children as will as to Bibi Khadija and her daughter, Bibi Fatima. These two figures represent an entirely different dynamic and is it any surprise that the fans and apologists of ISIS and Al Qaeda hate them the most.

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