Wahhabi Farhat Hashmi and Important aspects of her indoctrination – Riaz Malik Hajjaji


I have been tracking the rise of Wahhabi Farhat Hashmi since the late 1990s. Important aspects of her indoctrination, ooops, teachings include

1. Shias are not muslims
2. Visiting shrines is Haraam
3. Karbala was just a “fight” between “two princes”
4. Haraam to combine prayers into 3 times a day as the Shias do
5. The Mask of Zorro is the (Wahhabi) Islamic garb for all women – (and aspiring terrorist Deobandi mullahs)
6. Haraam to eat the tasty food that Shias and Sunnis serve on Ashura to commemorate the sacrifice of Imam Hussain and halal to waste this bounty by throwing away this food in the trash.
7. Halal to excommunicate other Muslims.
8. Halal to enjoy the benefits of 21st century banking to facilitate Wahhabi and Deobandi terrorist groups striving to establish a 7th century caliphate
9. Haraam to take out processions for Imam Hussain (and Halal to bomb them)
10. Its good to objectify all women by literally obliterating their identity.

If you are civil society, Muawiya Marxist or just a bored apologist Aunty and find something common in the list above, then congrats, you can still enrol in the Farhat Hashmi academy of Post Modern Takfir and terrorism Apologist

Enjoy such Al Huda classics as “How I learnt to appreciate the Wahhabi Deobandi Bomb” ,”From Here to Raiwind” “Citizen Yazeed”, “Wahhabi Boulevard” “The Muawiya Candidate”

Between being an alum of the Wahhabi Salafi Al-Huda institute, connected to the Deobandi Lal Masjid and an expat who got her formative “education” in Saudi Arabia, Tashfeen Malik just completed the terrorist Trifecta!

If this post offends you, don’t worry. Its not about you. Its about trivial things such as the ideology and preachers of Wahabism and Deobandism which have caused a few million people on this planet some minor grief – such as losing near and dear ones.

Of course terrorism has no religion wink wink (ssshhh don’t tell anyone but it does and that is the Wahhabi Deobandi sect of Tashfeen Malik)

Then again, grieving for someone is Haraam as per Wahhabi Deobandi doctrine – unless that person happens to be a mass murdering terrorist like OBL or his mentor Yazeed.

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