Turkey is a terrorist state that has invaded Iraq to support ISIS – Iraqi Parliament



If Turkey does not withdraw its troops and the Security Council, the Arab League and the international community will continue to idle, we will find a way to protect our legal rights,” Iraqi MP from the State of Law bloc, Awatif Nima, told RT.

“Without a doubt, all that Erdogan said today is not true, because there is no agreement or any coordination between Erdogan and Iraqi government,” the Iraqi MP added. “In the area [of Turkish troops deployment] there is no Iraqi armed forces. There are only terrorist groups’ camps.”

Baghdad still hopes to resolve the situation and continue “friendly relations” with Turkey, but, the reality of it is that Turkey did invade Iraqi territory and will never withdraw voluntarily, said Nima.

“This is the violation of Iraqi sovereignty,” Nima stated. “Of course, we express our determined protest against this Turkish attack and the invasion of our territory.”

Nima thinks that what Turkey is doing is trying to divide the country based along the sectarian lines.

“Joe Biden offered the last Iraqi government to divide Iraq, but the government categorically refused. Today as similar type of offer was offered to our government from Turkey; but the government did not accept [such proposal] and refused to coordinate action with Turkey’s government,” Nima said.

Turkey’s intervention, Nima stated, will only further empower the Islamic State. Nima said that during the parliamentary debates on the subject, the politicians saw footage which shows Turkish troops not touching ISIS fighters located right “in front of them.”

“In these videos we could see Turkish soldiers with their cars and tanks standing in very close proximity to Daesh [IS] fighters, but at the same time they are not taking any action against them,” she stressed. “All of these videos were shown by our security services and militias who recorded them at the scene.”

“It was clear from the beginning that Turkey is the main sponsor of Daesh. Now [Turkey] created camps in northern Iraq and invaded our territory under the pretext of fighting against Daesh. But in reality it is training their fighters,” Nima said.

“Turkey is a terrorist state. Turkey de facto is Daesh. Since 2003 according to all data Turkey is exporting Daesh terrorists to us. According to our intelligence services, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are behind all the explosions that happened in Baghdad,” Nima said.



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