Open Letter to President Obama

white houseDear Mr. President,

We have always supported your generally non-interventionist approach, especially in the Middle East. Our previous “adventures” there, especially in Iraq and Libya have not resulted in a net positive¬†to humanity. While your stance on Iraq way back in 2002 to 2008 must be applauded, we were disappointed with NATO’s intervention in Libya. This in no way implies that we support dictatorships of the likes of Qaddafi, Sadddam and the Assad regime. However, our interventions in Libya has set in motion in series of events which are so-called allies have used to set fire to the region.

In particular, we need to re-examine our relationship with Saudi Arabia. In the last few decades, Saudi Arabia has pumped over $100 billion dollars in creating and sustaining the venomous and radical ideologies of Salafism-Wahabism and its South Asian counterpart Deobandism.

The poisonous harvest of these ideologies has brought us 9/11 in 2001 and everything up to the Paris attacks last week.

The oil for weapons model does more harm to our economy than good. We are already leading the planet in developing cleaner alternatives to oil as well as developing our own reserves. We lead the world in information technology, medical technology and several other key areas. We attract the best and the brightest to come to these shores. We can increase our technology leadership and be an example to the rest of the world to emulate us and foster long term bilateral and multilateral economic partnerships.  The math for sustained economic development not only for America but the rest of the world is much brighter on this path.

We no longer need Saudi Arabia. The daily terrorist attacks in Iraq and the increasing threat to our homeland from Wahhabi radical groups like ISIS dictates that we need a serious re-think to our policy in the Middle East. We can no longer outsource our strategy of taking on ISIS to those like Saudi Arabia and Turkey who are actually facilitating ISIS. We cannot allow Russia today and China tomorrow to squeeze us out from the Middle East. The only way to do that is to take on ISIS and to reduce our ties with Saudi Arabia.


Ali Abbas Taj


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