SHIA-PAC’s nationwide campaign to urge the members of U.S. House of Representatives and Senate to vote in favor of Iran Deal



Shia Public Affairs committee (SHIA-PAC), a Muslim lobby group established almost 5 years ago has been working steadfastly on the most pressing matter of International Nuclear agreement between the world powers and Islamic Republic of Iran. A few other U.S. based Civil Rights organizations have come forward in advancing a similar agenda. SHIA-PAC’s nationwide campaign, that was launched last week, must have already reached you and thousands of others who are its Email recipients. Of course the objective of this campaign is to urge the members of U.S. House of Representatives and Senate to vote in favor of this agreement. These legislatures have returned to their home states for the summer recess. Although, almost all Republicans and a few Democrats are opposing this agreement and its passage by the congress appears to be in doubt, the Muslim communities residing across the U.S must galvanize at once in ensuring that President Obama and his supporters can overpower the opposition.

Our folks in each state must immediately form caucus groups, such as the one you have suggested for the state of New Jersey, whose mission would be to organize a statewide effort (Internet driven as well as telephone & written contacts) and most critically, it must include people of other faiths to join in. The focus of this exercise must be to make serious inroads with the two U.S. Senators and the Congressmen representing their respective state in Washington. For example, U.S Senator Robert Menandez from your state has been the most vocal critic of this deal, and we must do all we can to influence his opinion. Just yesterday, U.S Senator Chuck Schumer, another Democrat from New York expressed his opposition to the Nuclear agreement with Iran.

American Israeli Public Affairs committee (AIPAC), an extremely formidable enemy of the nuclear deal with Iran, joined by numerous other national organizations has committed almost $30 million towards its campaign that is hell bent upon thwarting the Nuclear agreement. Full page advertisements are appearing in major newspapers on a daily basis and the cable broadcasters are spitting the most venomous and vociferous attacks against the Islamic Republic and President Obama with respect to this deal. So the big money is once again busy perpetrating the big mischief in an attempt to undo a good deed. It is imperative that our people rise up to the occasion and contribute towards this cause. SHIA-PAC, in its five years of existence has not been able to raise more than $300 and that happens to be the tragedy of our times. This Muslim lobby group continues to seek financial support from the community for its survival so that the causes, such as the one we are confronted with at the present time, can be resolved in favor of peace and harmony amongst all.

2 thoughts on “SHIA-PAC’s nationwide campaign to urge the members of U.S. House of Representatives and Senate to vote in favor of Iran Deal

  • August 11, 2015 at 8:16 am

    American Shias should donate more and more to support pro agreement drive by ShiaPAC .

  • December 6, 2015 at 12:02 am

    Shiapac has some catching up to do with CAIR. Is this the only Shia lobbying group?


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