From Tunisia to Iraq, Afghanistan to Egypt, Salafi and Deobandi terrorists are enemies of culture and civllization – Robert Fisk


Coming from a group which has burned and bulldozed churches and Islamic shrines in Iraq, axed 3000-year old statues in the Mosul museum and boasted of destroying the ancient city of Hatra, the Tunis Tweet is a warning to be taken at face value.

Whether the tourists of Tunis regarded themselves as “cultured”, it is the word “culture” itself which has attracted the destructive impulse of Isis, the very same Salafist Deobandi hatred of foreign Gods that prompted the Taliban to blow up the ancient Buddhas of Bamian in Afghanistan in 2001.

There have already been a few crazed promises on the Internet to destroy the Sphinx and the Pyramids of Egypt – the latter a considerable project of immense tedium if Islamists really intend to erase them – but when Isis attacks a foreign museum because of the “culture” of its visitors, what artifact or treasure of the Western world is now safe?

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