#‎YemenUnderAttack‬: ShiaPAC condemns Saudi Arabia’s illegal attack on Yemen

Shia Public Affairs Committee condemns Saudi Arabia’s illegal attack against a sovereign nation, Yemen. Saudi Arabia has violated international law and UN charter by attacking a sovereign country. 

We condemn the tragic loss of life in Yemen where at least 40 innocent women, men and children have been killed in overnight airstrikes by Saudi Arabia on their homes in Sana’a. Here are a few pictures of destroyed homes in Sanaa that were targeted last night (26 March 2015) by Saudi Air Strikes on Yemen. Innocent Sunni Sufi and Shia children, women and men are being killed and injured in Saudi-led air strikes on Yemen.

The Saudi aggression seems to be motivated by the recent losses suffered by the Al Qaeda, ISIS and other Takfiri Salafi and Wahhabi militants in Yemen at the hands of Yemeni armed forces and Ansarallah (known as Houthis). Saudi Arabia wants to export Takfirism and Salafism (i.e., Al Qaeda, ISIS) to Yemen and doesn’t want to see stability and democracy in a neighbouring country.

Through aggression on Yemen, Saudi Arabia wants to save ISIS from a sure defeat in Tikrit and Mosul, by diverting Iran, Hezbollah, Kurds to Yemen.

Al-Qaeda and Takfiris are about to be wiped off from Yemen. Therefore Saudi Arabia is worried and using naked aggression against Houthis.

We are concerned to note that Saudi Arabia announced “its” war against Yemen from Washington. United States seems to have given a tacit nod to Saudi Arabia in this aggression. We urge Russia, China and other nations to play their own role to counter this act of aggression by Saudi Arabia and its Western sponsor.

According to Yemen’s government, “there is a great anger among the population in Yemen against those countries like USA and Saudi Arabia who support Al-Qaeda and ISIS. The Saudi Arabia are offering a clear support to AQ in Yemen. 25 million (Ymenen inhabitants) will move to respond”.

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We support Pakistani cricker Shoaib Akhtar’s social media campaign: Kindly use this tag #PakistanRejectsSaudiWarOnYemen‬ to condemn the Saudi aggression on Yemen being a Pakistani.


We note that mainstream media is hiding the fact that this is an attack on Yemeni Armed Forces, Yemen Army including Republican Guard, air force, navy and the popular movement Ansarallah. It’s not an attack on Houthis alone, it is an atack on Yemen, its capital and its armed forces.

We fully support Yemen Amed Forces in defence of their motherland from the Saudi Aggression. We hope that every single Saudi, UAE or Bahrain sodier or Al-Qaeda/ISIS terrorist who illegally steps on Yemen’s soil will be eliminated by brave Yemen army.

We call upon the US government to take a principled position on Yemen and help those forces which are eliminating Al Qaeda, ISIS and other Saudi Salafi backed terrorists from Yemen. Yemeni armed forced along with Houtis are fighting Al Queda and winning, US will be embarrassed by supporting tyrants who support Al Qaeda and ISIS.

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2 thoughts on “#‎YemenUnderAttack‬: ShiaPAC condemns Saudi Arabia’s illegal attack on Yemen

  • March 26, 2015 at 6:24 am

    Shame on you so called Muslims, Saudi nation is a worst muslims ever
    they are actuall sons of Yazeed. #‎PakistanRejectssaudiwaronyemen‬ i condemn the saudi aggression on yemen being a pakistani. ‪#‎Yemen‬

    • March 27, 2015 at 7:21 am

      Shame on u saudia Arab … I agree with abiha


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