Tahir Ashrafi, Pakistan’s answer to Mel Gibson


Tahir Ashrafi, Pakistan’s answer to Mel Gibson (not the Mad Max/Braveheard/Lethal weapon version but the raving drunk anti Semite version) weights in on the Blasphemy “issue”.

Clearly he has learnt from his “liberal” promotors on how to play both sides of the issue. He talks about Shantinagar and other issues but does not mention that the overwhelming incidents of lynching Pakistan’s Christians have been undertaken by his friends from the Deobandi ASWJ-LeJ which was previously known as Sipah Sahaba.

Tahir Ashrafi also deliberately leaves out any mention of how a Shia was literally hacked to death with an axe by a policeman while in police custody. The Shia victim’s crime was being critical historical personalities like Muawiya 1 – the founder of the Ommayad Caliphate dynasty. This incident happened just a week ago.

Tahir Ashrafi also leaves out the mention of two Shias who were booked and jailed for a similar offence – being critical of Muawiya.

There is no mention of how Ahmadi muslims have been similar victims. Tahir Ashrafi’s anti-Ahmadi statements are a matter of public record. Those who were mildly critical of his hate speech were forced under duress to retract their articles and issue public apologies.

LUBP (Lubpak.com) editors were threatened and this very newspaper printed a biased article on the issue in favour of this anti-Ahmadi and anti-Shia cleric.

It is obvious from his carefully weighed and ambiguous article that Tahir Ashrafi is being white-washed by a powerful and influential lobby who want to present him as the “progressive” face. Clearly, such a lobby is deeply against the wellbeing of Sunni Barelvi, Shia and Ahmadi muslims who are at the receiving end of this Takfiri Doebandi mullah, Tahir Ashrafi.

His deliberate omission of the Ahmadi and Shia victims of Blasphemy clearly drive home the point that this is an insincere attempt to promote a problematic Deobandi bigot whose impaired judgement is a matter of public record. His omission of the key role played by his allies of ASWJ-LeJ in the lynching of not just Christians but Ahmadis and Shias is evidence of this mullah’s double dealings.

Tahir Ashrafi played a central role in the release of ASWJ-LeJ’s terrorist mastermind and serving Vice President Malik Ishaq. The Deobandi ASWJ-LeJ is the main ISIS affiliate in Pakistan.

The Pakistan Ulema Council aka Pakistan Deobandi Council headed by Tahir Ashrafi is an exclusive Deobandi affair. This mullah is simply the political cover of ISIS in Pakistan.

What next can we expect from Express Tribune. Will they print an article by Mullah Omar on women’s rights. Or will it be an article by Malik Ishaq on how much he appreciates the Shia faith of Quaid e Azam. Or will Express Tribune publish a column by Maulana Masood Azhar on the importance of peace between Pakistan and India.


One thought on “Tahir Ashrafi, Pakistan’s answer to Mel Gibson

  • November 14, 2014 at 6:46 am

    This is a typical shia approach of propaganda that any Sunni cleric who comes in their way to halt shia propaganda of defaming Islamic icons (like Hazrat Aisha, Khulfa-e-Rashideen, and all Ashab-e-kiraam) these (shias) lebal them as Takfiri, Salafi, wahabi, and now ISIS…this has been in practice as a cunning claver maneuver long ago by shia in Pakistan and Iran that at least formally they don’t criticize Sunni clerics as Sunni, but they name them as Wahaabi Diobandi etc as I indicated above …. but now people understand what they do under the the cover of Ithaad-baynul- Muslimeen…… how this comes true that at once you curse Wives of Prophet Muhammad(SAWW) and Prophet’s (saww) compenions… about whom Sunnis have high regards on ther hand you chant for ithad baynul-Muslimeen


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