For Hussaini brahmans, it’s Muharram as usual



NEW DELHI: As Muharram passed off peacefully in the capital amid heavy police presence on Tuesday, a group of brahmans in east Delhi were wondering what the tension was all about. Like every year, these Hindus took out a Muharram taziya of their own in Kalyanpuri, crying and beating their chests in ritual mourning that marks the occasion.

The community proudly claims that one of their ancestors, Rahib Datt, fought in the Karbala battle on the side of Imam Hussain and even sacrificed his sons in the conflict. Ever since that historic battle, they came to be known as Hussaini brahmans.

Their procession looks like any other, except that they don’t use swords and knives. Rajinder Kumar, a resident of Shadipur depot who has headed the Kalyanpuri taziya for two decades, said his ancestors have been observing Muharram and so will his descendants.


One thought on “For Hussaini brahmans, it’s Muharram as usual

  • November 12, 2014 at 7:13 am

    moharram is not a festival.
    its a day of sacrifies.


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