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  It has taken The Foundation of Ethnic Understanding (FFEU), a New york based Civic organization, to pick-up the bold and brazen baton of bravery in combating a civil rights provocation ignited by the nascent presidency of Donald J. Trump. The U.S. judicial courts are, one after another, in the process of rejecting the reprehensible more


Open Letter to CAIR

Honorable Sister Roula Allouch CAIR National Board Chair Washington, D.C. Assallamu Alaikum, The Mission of Islamic Republic of Iran, in keeping with its annual tradition, invited Scholars, religious dignitaries and Imams of Mosques from across North America for a “Meet & Greet Session” with His Excellency Dr. Hassan Rouhani, the President of Iran. President Rouhani more



Thousands of American Muslims and non-Muslims Expected at Embassy of Saudi Arabia to Stand Against Saudi Oppression and Human Rights violations (WASHINGTON DC) – July 13, 2016 Protesters from different races & religions including oppressed Muslims from Bahrain, Yemen & other organizations such as Code Pink & 9/11 Victims will congregate at Royal Embassy of more


San Bernardino Tragedy: Saudi-Funded Wahhabism Cannot be Ignored

  After the Beirut and Paris attacks, the world fearfully wondered if their city would be next. However, the latest terror attack took place in San Bernardino, California today at approximately 11 am in the morning. Almost all of these attacks are committed specifically by Wahhabis or their South Asian ideological equivalent, Deobandis. Wahhabis originally more

Press Release: Defending against the ISIS terrorists is a religious obligation

New York – According to a religious decree issued on June 13, 2014 by Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali al-Hussaini al-Sistani, waging a defense against the bloodshed and destruction perpetrated by terrorists in Iraq during the past couple of weeks is Wajib e Kifai . This means that defending against the ISIS terrorists is an obligation more

The Fork-Tongued Tirade from CAIR: A Dossier of Defamation

In the days since the awful Boston Marathon bombings, a controversy has exploded inside the Muslim-American community. The Shi’a Public Affairs Committee (ShiaPAC) – an organization founded to combat the defamation, discrimination and persecution of the Shi’a Muslims – cannot remain silent while other organizations claiming to speak in the name of Muslim-Americans spread fitna. more

It is not a Condemnation, Stupid!

Say what you will about Al-Qaeda and its Wahabi and Salafi patrons, they sure have the savvy of attracting world’s wrath for their despicable deeds, and yet they seem to have mastered the art of deflecting not only the most formidable of western powers, they continue to baffle even some fellow Muslims, who tacitly support more

Al-Qaeda Strikes Again

We Shi’a Muslims, the victims of terrorism for centuries, do hereby unreservedly condemn the dastardly acts of terrorism perpetrated in Boston on April 15. We pray for the speedy recovery of the injured as well as commend the work of law enforcement agencies. What happened in Boston is no different from what has been happening more

Has that monumental moment arrived?

Shia Muslims are being systematically defamed, discriminated and persecuted against, in various Islamic lands by fellow Muslims who brand them kafir (infidel) and Najis (unclean) and consider their blood and property as legitimate to spill and confiscate. Shia Muslims are tortured, tormented and treated like sub-human and butchered like lambs on a daily basis in more


2 thoughts on “Press Releases

  1. sajjad syed says:

    This is the first time that I had the opportunity of visiting this website, indeed a great job is being done, I would request the organisors to join hands with Shia International which is registered in Washington DC, it would greatly help in highlighting the atrocities being faced by the shia faith in particular around the globe.

    I would very much like to hear from my brethren and keep up the good work.

  2. Respected Editor, i write on contemporary issues and intend to write for the PAC but failed to find any e.mailing address, hope you will assist. thanks

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