It is My Turn – Right to Protest!

It has taken The Foundation of Ethnic Understanding (FFEU), a New York based Civic organization, to pick-up the bold and brazen baton of bravery in combating a civil rights provocation ignited by the nascent presidency of Donald J. Trump. The U.S. judicial courts are, one after another, in the process of rejecting the reprehensible acts of a President, who is being fed the most poisonous doses of Islamaphobia, Xenophobia, and hate speech by a gang of Neo-con advisors.

Be that as it may, the FFEU leadership, which is comprised of people belonging to Christian, Jewish , Muslim as well as other faiths. must be commended for its moxie as well as its mettle in spearheading a movement, that is so desperately needed to quell the defamation and discrimination of Muslims in America. Absent from this scene of sincerity for a sacred cause are many of the so-called U.S based Muslim advocacy organizations, who, like their masters in the Islamic lands, are keeping silent on this malicious matter of injustice, much less launching and leading battles against factionalism and falsehood.

Agha Shaukat Jafri

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