By: Agha Shaukat Jafri

Ironically, It took Declan Walsh, a non-Muslim reporter of the New York Times, to notice that while most of the peace-loving nations of the world condemned the senseless ban ordered by the U.S. President Donald Trump that bars the entry of the citizens belonging to seven Muslim countries, a majority of the Muslim States in general and Egypt and Saudi Arabia in particular, stayed mum on this malicious matter. One does not have to go through sifting the long-winded article by Mr. Walsh, since its first four paragraphs reveal the mean and mischievous mindset of the sleazy Sultans of Arabia and reprehensible rulers of other Muslim lands. The notable exceptions to this irony were the Islamic Republic of Iran and Iraq, the two nations who at least bothered to denounce the ban.

According to Mr. Walsh, even the so-called organization of Islamic conference, which is comprised of 57 Muslim countries, did not take any stand one way or another with respect to the enormity of the crisis. Unfortunately, Mr. Walsh is unaware of the fact that 100% of this illicit entity’s operational budget is financed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. As a matter of fact, aside from United States, Saudi Arabia and Qatar happen to be the most generous donors to the United Nations, where the two Arab Monarchies wield a tremendous amount of influence. The corridors of power around Washington, D.C., which include the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives as well as powerful Think Tanks and Right Wing Print & Broadcast media, are flush with Petro-dollars from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and United Arab Emirates. This wicked wealth goes a long way in winning friends and influencing people.

The misguided and egregiously gullible U.S. policy makers are, once again, faltering in their judgment. In the area of International Relations, the expectations that the Trump White House would be more prudent, prominent and holistic in formulating fair and formidable policies, have gone astray. The centuries old colonial doctrine of “Divide And Rule” has began to take a new hold within the body politic of Western powers. Rather than sitting down Saudi Arabia, the regional power and a major U.S. ally in the Middle East, and urging that monstrous Monarchy to make peace and create harmony with their powerful neighbors such as Iran, the U.S. policy makers are pandering to the Kingdom and inciting them against its Muslim neighbors.

The critical arena of World diplomacy is never a zero-sum game, and a few perfunctory telephone conversations with the fat Arab cats of Arabia here, and some patronizing photo-op events with kleptocracy┬áMuslim heads of State there, would neither define the basis of a sound and systematic foreign policy, nor would it ever enable the U.S President to win the hearts and minds of the Muslim world that is populated by 1.7 billion people. Mr. Trump’s pledge to “Make America Great Again” will hardly be fulfilled, unless he enlarges his mission to “Make the World Great Again”. No wonder, China and Russia are making aggressive moves, while soliciting around the parts of the planet that will matter the most in the years to come !

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