IT IS MY TURN ! Open letter to CAIR – Unanswered!




By: Agha Shaukat Jafri


Honorable Sister Roula Alouch:

Almost eight weeks ago, Shia Public Affairs Committee (SHIA PAC), an organization founded during the Spring of 2007 to combat acts of defamation, discrimination, and persecution against Muslims across the globe, lodged a communique of concern (copy enclosed) to your attention. The foremost purpose of that communication was to advise you in painful detail of the arrogant and accusatory discourse displayed by Mr. Nihad Awad, CAIR’s Executive Director, towards Dr. Hassan Rouhani, the President of The Islamic Republic of Iran. Mr. Awad, as well as CAIR, the entity that employs him and claims to represent all Muslims, was expected at a minimum to submit an apology for his disrespectful demonstration that took place in a gathering of Muslim leaders, which was hosted by the Mission of The Islamic Republic. We have not received a notice of acknowledgement from your organization addressing the concerns outlined in our October 2, 2016 letter to you, much less an apology.

Secondly, we wanted to draw your attention to a longstanding policy of exclusion on the part of CAIR, restricting the appointment of Shia and Sufi Muslims to its Board of Directors. As evidenced by an e-mail note (copy enclosed) that was sent to SHIA PAC by Syed Wizarat Rizvi, a Shia Muslim leader, right after Mr. Awad’s ill-fated encounter with the President of Islamic Republic of Iran, CAIR has displayed gross negligence in keeping its commitment. CAIR must explain for once and forever as to whether it is allowed by its benefactors, or for that matter by the people who fund its rather handsome budget, to include Shia and Sufi Muslims on its board. Like Mr. Awad, the keepers of CAIR such as yourself may very well be the followers of Salafism, a doctrine that considers Muslims belonging to other sects as Kafir (Infidels) and labels Shia Muslims as Rafadoons, and as such, the people with whom the Salafites do not seek any association.

That being the case, CAIR and its compadres are perfectly within their rights as they may wish to stay compliant with the edicts of their Aslaf (Fore bearers). Also, the constitution of the United States permits freedom of speech and religion, and encourages understanding and tolerance with respect to the separation of Church and State. What CAIR cannot do, however, is to claim that it represents all Muslims of North America, and that it is the champion of all Islamic causes. The causes and consequences of the Syrian conflict that Mr. Awad was advocating so vehemently before President Rouhani, so as to please his Saudi And Qatari bosses, is no less tragic and traumatizing than the horrific happenings that are taking place in Bahrain, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan; all instigated solely by the Salafi vampires of Saudi Arabia and its underlings in the Gulf States. If CAIR endeavors to represent the aspirations and hopes of North American Muslims, it must at once serve notice to its sponsors that the days of being the subjects of the global Wahhabi and Salafi establishment have come and gone.

According to PEW Research Group, North America’s population is comprised of no more than 4 million Muslims, which is way below what our numerous U.S. based Muslim organizations claim. Even though Shia Muslims constitute roughly 20% of this total, their representation on any such board must be based on merit i.e. credentials, credibility, as well as citizenship and contribution to civil society; not just in the eyes of Muslim Ummah, but also with the people of other faiths. Nihad Awad has repeatedly failed this litmus test, more than once. His 3 year old promise to individuals such as Mr. Rizvi of installing a Shia here and a Sufi Muslim there, amounts to nothing more than a lip service. His term-less tenure with CAIR has lasted almost as long as of those Wahhabi/Salafi warlords that he represents.

The moment has arrived for the founders of not just CAIR, but also every other Muslim organization to rise up to the occasion in doing what Dr. Farouq Ahmed Khan, one of the most fair and formidable Muslim leaders in North America did, by appointing Syed Meesam Rizvi, a Shia Muslim, to the board of a large Sunni Islamic Center in Long Island, New York. Henceforth, the Muslim leadership, prior to introducing any reforms within their ranks, must first extricate the most venomous, most Takfiri, and the most divisive menace, known as Wahhabism and Salafism. Only then will Islam and Muslims gain the trust of the people of other creeds, cultures, and faiths. The moxie and mettle manifested by the Sunni Muslim leadership in the Russian Republic of Chechnya’s capital, Crozny, can easily be duplicated in North America !

Agha Shaukat Jafri
Shia Public Affairs Committee




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