By: Agha Shaukat Jafri
While speaking to Jeffery Goldberg of Atlantic magazine in a series of interviews he granted some months ago, President Barack Obama bemoaned about Saudi Arabia and its underlings in the Gulf states, calling them “Free riders”,  who are pushing the Western powers to fight their wars, and provoking conflicts in the Middle East by not getting along with its neighbors, namely The Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq, Lebanon Syria and Yemen. Nonetheless, his administration has simultaneously been facilitating an endless supply of state-of-the-art armaments and cluster bombs to the Saudi-led coalition to the tune of several billion dollars, in order to bomb Yemen that has so far resulted in thousands of deaths, almost 2.5 million refugees and destruction of unparalleled magnitude. His excuse for being party to this cruel and criminal act is to appease and compensate the Arab monarchies for not opposing his Iran nuclear deal.
A very similar scenario is in play in Syria, where, in an effort to topple that sovereign country’s president, the Obama administration has employed the services of the same cast of characters which include Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.  Over the last 5 years, this coalition has bludgeoned an ancient land and its Muslim, Christian and Druze citizenry that longs for nothing more than a civil society that is safe, secure and secular. Under the pretext of freedom and democracy, the western powers are enabling the Turks and the Arab monarchies to choreograph a cruel and criminal vendetta with the help of their bloodthirsty mercenaries, Al-Qaida, Al-Nusra and ISIS. The CIA as well as British and French Intelligence agencies have been crafting training manuals that entail cookbook instructions about maiming and massacring innocent citizens of the Levant. 
It is perfectly acceptable and ethical for the U.S. and other Western powers to plan, program and prepare the killing fields in Yemen and Syria, but it is improper and inhuman for Russia and The Islamic Republic of Iran to respond to the call for assistance made by the Syrian President , Bashar al-Assad, who is duty bound to protect his 20 million Syrian citizens, as well as defend every inch of his homeland. Regime change in Syria is being sought by the Wahhabi thugs who are hell-bent upon turning the Levant into the land of Salafism. These cannibals hailing from various continents are perpetrators of numerous gruesome games and genocides. The United Nations, the U.S Congress, the foremost Western Think tanks and the Right-wing print and broadcast media have for years been dancing to the tunes of the malicious music produced by the Arabs of the Gulf and their coffers that are stacked with trillions of petro-dollars. Justice and peace are the missing commodities from the bazaars of terror and tyranny, as the laws of the jungle have captured all the landscape of harmony and peace for good. 
Donald Trump, the Republican nominee seeking U.S presidency, has blamed Barack Obama for being the founder of ISIS and of course, he is wrong in his assertions. The history of mankind, though, will not forget and forgive the events of bloodshed and destruction being staged by Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar, not just in Yemen and Syria, but all across the globe. Also, it would have little difficulty in filling its pages with the blood of innocent souls, who became victims of the Wahhabi and Salafi pogroms. United States, United kingdom and France, by aiding and abetting the most cruel and criminal goons of the gulf would, indeed, not be able to escape the blemish of being accomplices in this most shameless and satanic scheme!


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