Love, Unity and Peace!

By: Agha Shaukat Jafri

Please do not miss watching this moving YouTube presentation by a group of young Pakistani nationals hailing from various faiths and backgrounds, crying for love, unity and peace within their ranks. Pakistan, nearing its 69th birthday, continues to struggle for its identity as well as its survival.

The most cruel and criminal Mafia of global Wahhabism is perpetrating every possible act of bloodshed and destruction to tarnish and traumatize this great nation of 200 million.

What was accomplished on August 14,1947 is being undone by a single most vicious and vindictive enemy of Pakistan, known as the Takfiri mindset, which is determined to convert this land of pure into a state of oblivion.

If history is any guide, the desciples of Ibn Tammiya and Mohammed Ibn Abdul Wahab are bound to face the same perilous predicament as did the Nazis of Europe, as well as the Stalinist of Soviet Union, and the Ummayyides and Abbasides of Arabia.

Indeed, the empires, through the course of human history, had risen and fallen. The monarchies of Saudi Arabia and its underlings in the Gulf are no exception. The cannibals of the contemporary times, whether they are Al-Qaida or Al-Nusra, Boko Haram or Al-Shabaab, and Daesh (ISIS) or Taliban, are all doomed to fall first in the very ditches, they are digging for others!



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