United Nations chief exposes limits to hs authority by citing Saudi threat – Agha Shaukat Jafri


This past week, the credibility of a supposedly sovereign organization was desecrated by the traders of torture and tyranny in the open bazar of nations. According to none other than that august body’s man on the helm, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates were instrumental in coercing the Secretary General of the United Nations into submission to their nefarious desires. These goons of the gulf were successful in having the name of their Saudi-led coalition removed from a black list that identified them earlier as the most cruel perpetrators of bombing the wretched State of Yemen into oblivion. The indigenous and innocent citizenry of Yemen, that includes women and children are being maimed and massacred, for the past 15 months, by this criminal coalition that is on a non-stop killing mission, using cluster bombs supplied by the United States.

Saudi Arabia’s most shameful act at the U.N, coupled with that kingdom’s other deleterious deeds such as its well substantiated involvement with 9/11 and numerous other acts of terror and tragedies, should have immediately subjected that nation to severe financial and political punishment. Sadly, though, no such act is in sight, simply because the western warlords are determined to protect the Kingdom and its underlings in the Gulf to no end. The policy makers belonging to the Western powers are more of pawns of the house of Saud, than power houses that are designated to discipline the dogs of bloodshed and destruction. A large majority of politicians from the U.S. Congress, as well as many members of the Canadian and European Parliaments, and the so-called Think Tanks have been bought and sold many times over by the Bedouin bullies of the Middle East.

The tragic landscape looks more like a jungle, where truth, justice and rule of law has neither any time nor place. This, indeed, is becoming by the day, a recipe for violence. If Libya and The Islamic Republic of Iran can be curtailed from entering the nuclear arena, Germany and Japan were forced to stop in their tracks during the Second World war and Soviet Union was persuaded to dismantle its sprawling empire, why is it so difficult to cut down the conniving kings of the Arab states to suspend their Satanic sojourns. Rather, the western powers are, willingly and repeatedly, rewarding them with state-of-the-art armaments and protect them by stationing the 5th and the 6th fleets at their harbors.

Petro-states, with a couple of trillions parked in the Western financial institutions, are not only overly proud of their wealth and the influence it wields across the corridors of power in the Western capitals, they are hell-bent upon parading on the perilous paths, because the laws of the jungle are permitting them to do so. These shepherds of the desert are greatly accustomed to bait and bribe, and they are quite seasoned in inflicting mischief and misery on other people. Armed with a doctrine called Salafisim, and duty bound to install a caliphate in every part of this planet. The peaceful populace of the world is being victimized on a daily basis, and yet these Draculas of the time are being made in charge of the blood banks.

Whether it is Orlando or San Bernardino, Paris or Brussels, the moment is now for the World powers to start policing and punishing this global syndicate of criminals from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and United Arab Emirates, who have been using their immense wealth in financing and deploying Al-Qaida, Al-Nusra, Al-Shabaab, ISIS and Taliban in staging mayhem and genocides. The bribe of a few millions to alleviate the misery of the people in Palestinian territories, South Sudan and Syria can never be the justification for the World body of nations to compromise the survival of other societies in the same region. Since it is not a zero-sum game, no head of the U.N., current or future can be allowed to sell the soul of an entity that was founded to facilitate the just and fair recourse for all nations, while defending and upholding its most noble mission, vision and its values. Mr. Ban Ki-moon, please disgorge and discard the Saudi and Qatari money because it is Najis (Unclean). Is it not the blood money?



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