The Orlando Shooter Had a Religion: He was a Deobandi/Wahhabi like other Terrorists



While mass shooting incidents always heat up the debate on gun control, the attacks in San Bernardo and Orlando are a bit different. These incidents are similar to Boston bombing and Charlie Hebdo attacks in France. The motive behind these incidents was to create terror, but they were not perpetrated by some lonely mentally ill guy taking out his frustration.

Those who are linking these incidents to Islamic fundamentalism are in a way correct. However, people need to understand that the biggest victims of the terrorists are peaceful Muslims themselves. A day before Orlando attack, ISIS bombed a market in Damascus killing dozens of Muslims because they do not bow down to ISIS and follow a different path. For a person in West, it is difficult to differentiate among peaceful Muslims and Islamist terrorists. Therefore, we can see Presidential candidate Donald Trump talking about banning all Muslims from USA until they figure out the problem.

Surely, 1.5 billion Muslims are not terrorists and the world cannot cut off from 20% of its population. We need to examine similarities between all the terrorist organizations that have been formed in the name of Islam.

Al-Qaeda, Taliban, TTP, ISIS, LeJ, ASWJ, Boko Haram and all other terrorist organizations have killed more Muslims than non-Muslims. There are dozens of sects within Islam but all the terrorists follow either Deobandi or Wahhabi/Salafi sect and consider all other Muslim sects as infidels. Therefore, they treat other Muslim sects the same as they treat anyone disagreeing with their ideology in the West.

These terrorists are so powerful because they are being funded by autocratic Gulf regimes especially Saudi Arabia, who share the same Deobandi or Wahhabi/Salafi ideology. Unfortunately, the regimes in gulf have a lot of investments in USA and UN. Therefore, they can get away with this while whole Islam takes the blame.

More people in power especially in US will need to understand the difference between Deobandi/Wahhabi/Salafi sect of Islam and other peaceful Islamic sects. They say terrorists don’t have any religion but Islamic terrorists do and it is called Deobandi/Wahhabi/Salafi ideology. To verify this, please go through the profile of any terrorist and you will find that he/she is a Deobandi/Wahhabi/Salafi and not from any other sect of Muslims as all other sects are against any form of terrorism.

Senator Ed Royce in USA is one of the few voices who has identified this fact and has hit the nail on its head by asking Saudi government to stop funding extremist Deobandi/Wahhabi/Salafi madrassas(seminaries) and Islamic Centers. If he can find support and world powers can somehow stop Deobandi/Wahhabi/Salafi regimes to stop funding terrorism, we would see drastic reduction in terrorist attacks across the world.

Note: one of the examples of Deobandi/Wahhabi ideology is a news paper in Pakistan that is openly celebrating Orlando attacks with the disgusting headline “50 Americans Roasted”( . This shows no matter what profession they are in, Deobandi/Wahhabi will remain terrorists and terrorist sympathizers.

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