SSP attempt Karachi operation’s sabotaged – Rampage in Karachi, Injuring Shiites, chanting “Shia Kafir”



Deobandi Militants of Sipah Sahaba Pakistan along with certain members of the commune attacked Imambargah Asna Ashri on Tuesday night in Karachi’s Landhi 36 B Area.

According to reports received, members of proscribed outfit opened indiscriminate firing on the Imambargah Asna Ashri in Landhi B Area chanting “Shia Kafir” slogans, before fleeing the scene.
The banned outfit members were equipped with arms and ammunition in two ambulances AE0688 and AE0581 of a renowned welfare organization.

Shiites in the vicinity tried to resist the attack with bare hands, which left two of their people seriously injured, later rushed to the hospital.

Rangers arrived at the scene diffusing the tension due the incident.

Recent events indicate a sabotage of the Pak Army’s Karachi Operation that brought peace to the metropolis earlier. Wave of sectarian killing was allayed due this operation and proscribed militant organizations were curbed.

This incident along with a few in the last month indicate that a particular mind-set declaring themselves sunnis are trying to bring mayhem back to Karachi, flaring sectarian rift. It is nothing but to bring to humiliate Pakistan Forces efforts that had brought peace to Karachi.


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