Another Saudi Act of barbarity – Ali Abbas Taj




In the latest act of state barbarity, the Saudi government has beheaded 14 Shia activists. According to the Al-Arabia TV, the 14 political activists jailed for campaigning for political freedom for the Shias in Saudi Arabia were beheaded on the orders of the King.

It is not clear if the people beheaded include Sheikh Ali al-Nimr, nephew of Sheikh Ali al-Baqir al-Nimr. Sheikh Ali al-Nimr is 18 years of age and was arrested by the Saudi secret police for “subversive activities”. He was tried by a kangaroo court and sentenced to death. However, his beheading was not carried out due to international pressure. But there are rumours circulating that he was amongst the political activists beheaded.

The Shia and Sunni followers of Imam Hussain have been facing persecution in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere because of the Yazidiat which is the foundation on which Salafi and Deobandi ideologies are founded. There is nothing new about such persecution. The followers of Imam Hussain have always sacrificed their lives for truth and justice. The latest Saudi assault on them will only strengthen the revolutionary resolve of Imam Hussain’s followers. The House of Saud and its disciples will ultimately be defeated inshallah.

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