NYT’s editorial : The world reaps what the Saudis sow – Agha Shaukat Jafri




The Editorial Board of the New York Times have exhibited all the moxie and the mettle in offering the summation of a most comprehensive and convincing investigation by that Newspaper’s foreign correspondent Carlotta Gall. Not much can be added to the discussion that pertains to the recently uncovered, grotesque and gruesome games these goons of Wahhabi/Salafi establishment have been perpetrating in Kosovo. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as its accomplices, namely Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates are exporting not just only Oil and Natural gas to an energy thirsty world, these cruel and Takfiri regimes are busy infesting this universe with the most exclusionary brand of the so-called Wahhabi/Salafi doctrine.

Alas, the Western powers in general and the United States in particular continue to pander this most perilous pulpit, which is hell-bent upon first destroying the Western civilization, and then eliminate every other possible opposition so that they can install a Caliphate here in this hemisphere, very much like the one they have already established in the Levant. The time is running out with an alarming speed, and unless the Western policy makers wise-up, the peace loving populace of this planet is up for a roller coaster ride, except this time, coasting only downward.



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