Human Rights Abuse by Saudi Government

President Obama Hosts Saudi King Salman Bin Abd al Aziz At The White House


To all the peace loving people,

Why are we here protesting in front of the Saudi Consulate??

This demonstration is to protest Saudi Government’s atrocities against innocent civilians all over the world. We demand the Saudi Terrorist Regime to be persecuted in the International Criminal Court of Justice.

The Saudi Atrocities:

The Saudi Government claims to fight terrorism but in reality it is the biggest sponsor of terrorists all over the world. This is one of the main reasons why we can never trust Saudi Arabia.

Below is a brief list of recent atrocities committed by the Saudis:

* The Saudi Government is dropping Cluster Bombs on innocent civilians of Yemen’s capital Sana as stated by the Human Rights Watch Report on January 6, 2016

* The Saudi Government is the known force to have created, financed, and sponsored Terrorist groups ISIS and the Taliban.

* Saudi Arabia was the 1st government to recognize the illegitimate Taliban Terrorist government in Afghanistan.

* The tragedy of 9/11 killed over 3000 innocent American civilians. Out of the 19 hijackers, 15 were from Saudi Arabia.

* As recently as January 2, 2016 the Saudi Government slaughtered Shik Nimr al Baqar who was the most outspoken critic of Saudi atrocities and a vocal advocate of human rights within Saudi Arabia.

* Sheikh Nimr was falsely accused of armed resistance although the international media has confirmed that his struggle was purely democratic.

* There are thousands of innocent civilians kept in the Saudi prisons who are unaware of the time they would spend inside their prison

Saudi Government and ISIS are the same:

So here is an important question for the civilized world:

What is the difference between the Saudi Government and ISIS??

The answer: There is no difference.

As a matter of fact there are many similarities in the atrocities committed by both ISIS and the Saudi Government.

Those similarities are as follows:

* Saudi and ISIS are both based on authoritarian, fanatic, and extremist ideologies.

* They both oppress women and minorities

* Saudi and ISIS declare death for human rights activists

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* They both regularly tortures and beheads people

* ISIS threw 12 people from a high rise building as a punishment to those who disagree with them in the city of Mosul January 5th 2015

* Saudi prisoners do not see sunlight for at least two months and are not aware if they will stay in the Saudi prison for 15 days or 15 years

* ISIS ordered one of its members to kill his own mother because she disagreed with ISIS’s brutal actions

* A Saudi face book blogger was whipped 72 times for disagreeing with the brutal laws of Saudi land

* In reality, Saudi Government is even worse than ISIS. Reason? ISIS is an open enemy of all the civilized societies and declares war against anyone who disagrees with them. On the other hand, the Saudi Government is hypocritical, and deceptive. The Saudi Government pretends to fight against ISIS Terrorists, but in reality, the same Saudi Government is the biggest sponsor of ISIS.

Americans killed by the Saudi Terrorists:

* The Saudi National Guard bombing in November 1995, which killed five Americans. All four of the men convicted and executed for the bombing were Saudis.

* The Khobar Towers bombing in June 1996, which killed 19 Americans. Of the 14 men indicted by the U.S. Department of Justice for that bombing, 13 were Saudi Arabian, including all five of the men who drove and detonated the truck bomb on the day of the attack.

* The Nairobi embassy bombing in August 1998, which killed 12 Americans. Both of the men who drove and detonated the truck bomb were Saudis.

* The USS Cole bombing in October 2000, which killed 17 Americans. According to both the Prime Minister of Yemen and a well-known former Al Qaeda operative, both of the men who drove and detonated the explosives-laden boat used in that attack were Saudis.

* The Riyadh residential compound bombings in May 2003, which killed nine Americans. All nine of the suicide bombers killed in the attacks were Saudis.

* The Mosul mess tent bombing in December 2004, which killed 18 Americans. The lone suicide bomber responsible was identified in numerous press reports as a foreign insurgent from Saudi Arabia

Question worth mentioning:

United States of America claims to be the strongest advocate of human rights, and moral values.

Now the big question common American civilians and human rights groups are asking:

After knowing the fact that Saudi Government is the main sponsor of ISIS Terrorists, How can United States consider the Saudi Terrorist Regime an ally?? Just for a few billion petro dollars in return?? Isn’t the value of Human life more than the oil Saudis give us in return for the support they get??

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