Shias are a dominant force in Islam – By Zara Bokhari


Recently many Shia have characterized themselves as a minority within Muslims. This also means that we need to bend over backwards to please the perceived majority.

Let me first inform you that the largest mosque in North America is a Shia mosque.

In addition nearly 40 percent of Muslims in North America are Shia because of a very large number of Lebanese Americans.

Globally Shias may be about 20 percent. But let’s also be clear that heart of Islam is from Azerbaijan to Yemen and from Egypt to Pakistan. In this, both Shia and Sunni are about 50 percent each.

What happens in Indonesia or Algeria does not have a direct impact on the direction of Islamic politics or society.

Don’t forget  that there is not a homogeneous non Shia group. There are dozens of sects and sub sects; Sufis and 4 imams, salafis and ahle Hadeeth, to mention a few. 

So I urge my fellow Shia brothers and sisters to take pride in our beliefs and convictions. We are a vibrant community that places an emphasis on discourse as opposed to terrorism and understand that we are strong and getting stronger.

Our narrative is steeped in offering non-violent resistance to tyranny as opposed to using terrorism for oppressing other sects and faith groups.



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