Kurdish militia’s assaults against Turkmen in Tuz khurmatoo on 23 April 2016



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Below is detail of kurdish militia’s assaults at 23 April 2016 against Turkmen in Tuz khurmatoo.

The problem started yesterday at 11 pm as a blast bombed inside a building at “Mulla Safar area” in south of city in which ( Guran ‘s Militia ) were present and on their hands while they were preparing the blast.

Guran is a head of Mafia in Tuz suupported mainly by PuK.he is powerful militarily and financially.

After that in order to deviate the attention from what happened, the kurdish militia attacked a building in which ( Al Hashd ) reside in a sport Hall in Hay Al Askeri west of the city .

Then Turkmen fighters also attacked them as a reaction to the assault.

Since yesterday the kurdish Millita attacked the city with more than 150 mortar shells, now they brought 5 Tanks and 10 hummers to attack the innocent people in the city.

Till now one 5 yrs old child killed and 10 injured from turkmen side( all are civilians).one turkmen fighter killed.
From kurdish sides 2 militants killed as we heard.

The kurdish militia attacked at morning an ambulance transporting injured turkmen to kirkuk and they injured the driver. At 1:00 pm another ambulance driver while he was transporting an injured turkmen fighter to Baqooba hospital have been kidnapped with his car and the injured one by kurdish militia.

I heard that there are more kurdish forces will be brought from Sulaimania and kirkuk.

Now the mortars still lading on the city and im hearing the sounds of my family’s children and women scared when i call them.

The kurds using American and western weapons against us. ISIS present away from them in kirkuk 5 Km and they are attacking Turkmen instead of ISIS.

Im wondering how USA administration , western countries and UN closing the eyes about what is happening.

They are even supported by Iranian side too.

PKK also a part of this fight like what happened in the previous events at November 2015, and they are supported by Iran too.

The situation is risky and they are trying to exploit the bad situation in Baghdad.

Dr Ali Albayati
Chief of TRF

“A letter from Dr Elham Al Bayati who is a professor pediatrician in Uk describing the situation of her family in Tuz.”

It has very long terrified 15 hours for people of Tuzkormato again, in the hand of Kurdish militia .

It started last night when group of Goran criminals were in attempt of implantation of hand blast / exploded in their hands/ at 11 pm near by the sport center , this center is occupied by the Al Hashad . This center is exactly behind Gorans party building in Tuz.

The building has been built and taken illegally by those gangs , recently . It is in the main road connecting Baghdad to Kirkuk . The three main parties buildings are facing each other in the main , heavily populated Turkmen people.

Contacting my brothers, parent, they have been in a terrible state with terror, they said all night we were attacked by Kurdish heavy guns, Tanks, Rockets , all other means . Clashes continued between both sides.
The tanks been heavily used, by Kurd not far from our house in the middle of the Town?  is this not terrorism by itself?  is this not violation of human rights?

My elderly parents , had to stay in the kitchen, all night as my mother is paralyzed and cannot go down to bunker .

My young 8 year old nephew and 10 year old niece , terrified and wished if they were Kurd to be left alone? where is on earth children’s right .

I know that USA & West always supported and continue to do so, and perhaps when we are reporting these atrocities is not been taken and given any consideration, as Turkmen are tiny fishes in the middle of big corrupted whales .

You all know very well how Kurd day after day in the last 13 years building their Empire, with USA , Israel and my country Britain and Europe support , in attempt of dividing Iraq.

What about of us, what about Turkmen, what about our children and families, Why killing?

What would you do if your mother, father and brothers in such situation? my mother is 80 year old, her fathers land taken forcefully by Kurd, adamant that she will not leave her house unless dead.

The ambulances taken wounded civilians been fired at?
Reports coming that Ambulance taken wounded people t Baquba been kidnapped?? is this not violation of human rights??

Please stop this indiscriminate killing
Please stop arming Kurd with fabricated intention of fighting the evil ISIL
Please think of other minorities
Please think of other human beings.
Please think again and again, this money spent on Kurd been used to kill others.

President Obama last week declared that the problems in Iraq is between Shia groups only?
Are we really not aware what is happening ? why we always supporting the aggressor?



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