John Kerry: ISIS committing genocide – by Agha Shaukat Jafari


The enclosed YouTube is a must watch because it unleashes, in a most clear and credible manner, the information with respect to the horrific happenings in the Levant for the past few years. Thursday, March 17, 2016 will go down in the history as the day when John Kerry, the U.S. Secretary of State made an extremely powerful condemnation of ISIS (He even referred it as “Daesh”, by its Arabic acronym) for perpetrating atrocities against the innocent citizens of Syria and Iraq in general and inflicting acts of genocide on Christians,Yazidis and Shia Muslims in particular. This, indeed is the first time that a representative of a major world power has, so categorically and vehemently, denounced an evil entity, responsible for all the bloodbath and destruction taking place around the globe. Unfortunately, though, Secretary Kerry’s statement falls short of exposing the linkages between certain governments (Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey) and the cruel and criminal Salafi vampires. He also omitted to mention that the aforementioned Salafi nations continue to hoodwink the Western powers into fighting their wicked wars, and support them with their global mischiefs.
Salafism, a most dangerous doctrine of hatred and bigotry is not much different than the Nazism that became the cause of extermination and annihilation of millions of Jews and Christians during the second World war. Like the Nazi apparatus, the Salafi establishment demands that unless people of other faiths embrace and submit to their peculiar Islamic cult, they must be slaughtered. Also, according to their warped interpretation, even other Muslim sects are excluded from the fold of Islam and must be declared infidels and apostates. All the terror and tyranny engulfing the Middle East and beyond with no end in sight, can never be curtailed, unless the gullible and poorly informed Western policy makers realize that ISIS and its likes, Al-Qaida, Al-Nusra, Boko Harm and Al-Shabaab are the chips of the same block. These bloodthirsty gangs are mere mercenaries, deployed across the globe by their masters housed in the regional headquarters located in Ankara, Doha & Riyadh, determined to change the world order, be it establishing a Caliphate or imposing the rules of sharia.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the State of Turkey as well as the Emirates of Bahrain, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, and Qatar constitute the most nefarious axis of Salafism, that is responsible for inflicting all the mayhem and misery. Did Turkey not facilitate the transportation of over 50,000 foreign fighters in the Syrian and Iraqi territories during the past five years, and does the Tayyep Erdogan’s government not provide refuge to Tariq al-Hashemi, the fugitive former vice-president of Iraq, who was convicted for running Death Squads in his homeland? Is Qatar not financing and deploying Al-Nusra front (An affiliate of Al-Qaida) and Ahrar al-Sham fighters into Syria to topple its sovereign government, and does it not host diplomatic presence of Taliban, Al-Qaida and Al-Nusra front criminals within its borders? Saudi Arabia, the Godfather of numerous Salafi Mafia families have spent, during the past 35 years, its petro-wealth, exceeding well over $200 billion in spreading the most grotesque and gruesome doctrine of Salafisim, first in Afghanistan, then Pakistan followed by Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and now making inroads in the African continent.

The moment has arrived for the West to acknowledge and outline the deleterious designs of the Salafi syndicate and make preparations for its ultimate demise from the world scene. Since these Salafi Satans have devastated every civil, economic and political fibre of this earth and they continue to commit worst than heinous crimes against humanity, it is incumbent upon the peace loving populace of this planet to terminate their membership from its ranks. It is only a matter of time when the tightening noose will suffocate the survival and sustenance of the sleazy Sultans of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Similar to what happened in Nuremberg, Germany, a few decades ago, when the Nazis were tried and punished before the International World Court for their crimes, the Salafi cannibals will be condemned to the corridors of an oblivion from which they would never dare to rise again.
John Kerry: ISIS committing genocide
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