ISIS have fired chemical weapons at the Iraqi town of Taza



In 2013, when the Al Qaeda dominated Free Syrian Army conducted a heinous false flag operation by launching a chemical weapons attack on Syrian children in Ghouta, some Pakistani liberals were howling in protest…… against Assad!

Since then, it has become apparent – especially in light of President Obama’s refusal to bomb the Syrians -that this attack was not caused by Assad but by the Saudi-Turkish-NATO sponsored and Al Qaeda dominated “Free Syrian Army”. The Sarin gas was probably sourced out of Libya after the disastrous NATO bombing campaign – supported by then SoS Hillary Clinton – which handed most of Libya to Al Qaeda.

A recent Veterans Today report (March 13 2016) provides the alternative perspective and analysis on this)

Reports have now emerged that ISIS have fired chemical weapons at the Iraqi town of Taza which is populated by mainly Shia Turkmens (“Terrorists tied to ISIS launch chemical-laced weapons on Iraqi town, officials say”, CNN, March 12, 2016)

It goes without saying that there is no outrage amongst the same liberals and that infamous South Asian ISIS cheerleader. Hypocrisy would be a mild word. It was just 2013 when these “liberals” would bait others using their typical underhand sectarian tactics. Those who did not agree with the highly contested events at Ghouta in 2013 were of course “Ayatullah Putin” supporters.

Once again proving that dig a little deeper and one should not be surprised to find the raving Jhangvis,, the Caliphate wet dreamers and the Muawiya Marxists amongst these “liberals”.

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