Saudi Arabia and Israel want Shia Sunni conflict in Lebanon – Hasan Nasrallah Secretary General Hezbollah



The head of Lebanon’s resistance organization Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, has published an open letter to the people of Lebanon. In this letter he emphatically declared that there will be no silence adopted on the conspiracy of Saudi Arab against Lebanon. He wrote in his letter,

“We will not remain silent on your (Al-Saud Family) crimes. You have problems with us, not against government or army of Lebanon, we are the one who are disliked by you.”

Hasan Nasrallah revealed that he has the data of those phone numbers that are being used from Riyadh to detonate booby-trap car bombs in Lebanon in last three years.

Saudi Arab has started a hostile campaign against Hezbollah to be declared it terrorist organization by the countries in Middle East and also terming Hezbollah a big danger for Saudi security. But Hezbollah Leader is not worried with Saudi efforts. Hasan Nasrallah hasn’t back off a single inch from his stance against Saudi invasion in Yemen and he named his speech delivered on the second day of Saudi airstrikes in Yemen as best speech of his life.

From the recent news in Lebanese and International media outlets, it’s not much hard to realize that Hezbollah who refrain from directly criticizing Saudi Arab has changed its policy. As per Hasan Nasrallah Saudi Arab attack on resistance and its aggressive stance is nothing new. In 2006 when Israel invaded Lebanon and impose war then Saudi Arab didn’t reacted against this hostility, in fact from Syrian town of Qalamoun to Bekka and to the Lebanon Southern suburbs all the bomb blast were controlled by Riyadh, as he has phone numbers of Riyadh, Hasan Nasrallah claimed.

“The scheme of sending booby-trapped cars from (Syria’s) Qalamun to Lebanon was overseen from Saudi Arabia and nowadays Saudi Arabia is fighting a direct war in Yemen. It was not possible to remain silent over Saudi Arabia’s crimes in Yemen and we will not remain silent now,”

He further accuse Saudi Arab and Israel to want Shia and Sunni strife and clashes, but his organization will not let that happen in Lebanon. Now “May 7th” or “Black Shirts” will not going to happen again. He condemn the sectarian slogan chanted by supporters after Lebanese pro-Saudi MBC channel had broadcast ludicrous film making fun of Hasan Nasrallah. He said the acts of disgracing the practices of any Muslim school of thought and its cultural heritage is intolerable. He further said that they need to save the Resistance from becoming a sectarian playground and this should be avoided even if Hezbollah or Hasan Nasrallah is being criticized.

“Israel wants strife in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia is seeking to stir strife in any country that contains Sunnis and Shiites. Should we serve their goals? Hezbollah’s officials must meet with those who took to the streets to warn them against going back to the streets because this period is sensitive. Our morals prohibit us from cursing or insulting anyone at the personal level. We are concerned with unveiling the facts and actions and not with launching personal attacks.”

Hezbollah Secretary General offers his condolence to the families of the martyrs of Aleppo siege, including Ali Fayyaz, that has cut the supply line of ISIS (DAESH) and later Syrian force with cooperation of Hezbollah able to freed it.

He critically analyzes the stern action and bitter statements of Saudi Arab against Lebanon. He said that Saudi Arab has put a ban on Hezbollah to raise funds since February 19th 2016. From that day till now we have entered a new stage of arm wrestling with Saudi Arab. All the events unfold recently, if closely analyze then its evident that Saudi Arab want nothing but Shiite Sunni Civil war in Lebanon. About MBC channel satirical file depicting him, Nasrallah declared the reaction propelled by the Shia youth as duly inappropriate, only rise in propaganda of repetition of events like the “May 7” or “black shirts” communal violence.

Hasan Nasrallah hopes for a permanent ceasefire of Syrian War and a political solution of Syrian conflict but he suggest Turkey, Israel didn’t want this to be happen. He suggests that whatever is happening between them and Saudi Arab, United States might not intervene. He further said they are in favor of negotiations with Saad Al –Hariri’s Future Party (Al-Tayyar Mustaqbil) and aren’t interested in resigning from government and his ruling alliance will be in the interest of country.

He instruct Hezbollah representative to guide the youth who participated in the protest against MBC and rejects the call of protest in front of Saudi Embassy in Beirut as it will increase the insecurity in the country and will fulfil the aims of enemy who killed Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr and whose aim was to ignite Shiite Sunni strive. He further stressed people who disrespect any personality or sign of any sect, are actually serving Saudi Arab and Israel ambitions.

Hasan Nasrallah clarifies that Saudi Arab and Israel want to create the same problems in Lebanon as they created in Syria. He reiterated that he had went through Civil War experience in past and from that he can assure that Israel and Saudi Arabia will not able to ignite the Civil War this time around and Saudi threats will not materialized. He said that Saudis not only creating disunity among Shiite and Sunnis of Lebanon but also other communities of Lebanon.

He said when Saudis talks about the Arab Identity, then what about Arab Identity of Lebanon? We are as Arabs as Saudis and its allies. He further said if Arab identification demands Honor and Dignity then Saud clan would not be sending tanks in Bahrain neither bombing the civilians in Yemen nor igniting sectarian strife in Syria. He said there is nothing but deception behind the Saud clan slogan of “Pan Arabism” or “Pan Sunnism”.


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