Honor for sale

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Just how deeply do western governments of the US, Britain and France bow to the depraved “royals” of Saudi Arabia? You should be shocked – and angry.

Here are just a few examples:

1) France just awarded the Legion of Honor – to Saudi Arabia – for their help in fighting terrorism!!! The country that not only looks most like ISIS, their Wahhabi ideology is the root of ISIS and al Qaeda etc. I have heard from a good authority that most of the suicide bombers in Syria and Iraq are Saudis (Wahhabis). I have seen a video of an auction in Saudi Arabia of a man auctioning off one of his sons to become a suicide bomber in Syria. The kings of Saud family have financed virtually every radicalized mosque in the world. Almost all of the 9/11 terrorists were Saudis as was Osama bin Laden.

2) The UN put Saudi Arabia over the UN Panel on Human Rights. The depth of hypocrisy in this appointment is hard to overstate. Saudi Arabia is one of the worst government offenders -if not the very worst – against human rights on the planet. Children are executed. Women who are victims of rape are punished. They behead twice as many people as ISIS. There is no religious freedom or tolerance whatsoever. There is no freedom for women whatsoever – in fact women are considered property.

3) The UN just created an “independent” panel to investigate the crime against humanity that is the Saudi war against Yemen. The Saudis are funding the panel. The Saudis have one of their shills as the head of the panel.

4) The George Soros funded Human Rights Watch (that calls every bomb dropped on terrorist rebels by the Syrian army an atrocity), just reported on a real atrocity in Saudi Arabia when their religious police refused to let girls flee from a fire because they were running away and didn’t have their full “abayas” – burkas – on. At least 14 girls died that day. The strongest words from HRW were that the Saudi government really needs to investigate this incident…

Oh, but the Saudis, our precious Saudis, whose “royals” are the most depraved despots on earth have a few things in their favor as far as the west is concerned: money; oil/gas that makes money for US companies; and a love of western made weapons that go boom that they buy with their money.

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