How a non-Sectarian translation of the Holy Quran has upset Pro Saudi ideologues?



The “NON-SALAFI” version of Holy Quran in english has been flying off the shelves in hardback edition & Kindle. Extremist Salafis radical/extremist version of Quran Funded by ‪#‎SaudiArabia‬ have dominated the world market for decades.The extremist Salafi scholars who have monopolized English-language Muslim resources are disturbed and even frightened by this textual revolution that puts them back in their place.
The Study Quran notes, for instance, that verse 47:4—used by ISIS to justify beheadings—focuses on “the brevity of the act, as it is confined to battle and not a continuous command.” This interpretation would seem to challenge extremists who attempt to carry out such acts on civilians, whether on the streets of London or in Syria.

It’s no surprise then, that Abu Eesa Niamatullah—a British extremist Salafi cautioned his followers to “avoid it. Like the plague.” “It doesn’t just have mistakes, it’s actually dangerous,” Niamatullah said. ”

Yasir Qadhi former extremist Salafi cleric commented The Study Quran “is an academic and educational work, and as such includes commentaries from sources that may not be considered orthodox depending on one’s denominational orientation.”
extremist Salafi version of Quran to justifies killing Shia Muslims, Yazidis, adulterers, gays, and anyone else who runs afoul of their zealotry.

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