ISIS kills a Shia youth after confirming his Shia Identity



Editor’s note: This is exactly what the Umayyad Caliphs did no one was allowed to be named Ali and the Caliph would kill the child if the father named him Ali. Ali’s name was cursed at every Friday prayer. This is why Imam Hussain named all of his sons Ali and daughters Fatima to announce his rebellion against the Umayyad Caliphs.

Although it’s not news for us news like this still rips our hearts- here’s Daesh doing what they love. Killing Shias. But first the pigs asked him to pray (not as a last rite) to confirm if he was a Shia but this brave martyr chose not to hide his faith in order to save his life. The style of prayer confirmed his faith. So they shot him in the back of the head.He isn’t the first nor will he be the last one to be afraid of these animals. This is the manifestation of the belief of Imam Al Hussain’s saying that it is better to die with honour than to live a life of humiliation.
I am unable to fathom from where these bastards get their hatred because it certainly is not from the Quran or Mohammed (pbuh)

One thought on “ISIS kills a Shia youth after confirming his Shia Identity

  • February 3, 2016 at 1:33 pm

    Laanat on all such bastards


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