Tragic attacks in San Bernardino: No more obfuscation and apologists for Takfiri Salafi-Deobandi terrorism


Between Saudi funded denialists like CAIR, ICNA and ISNA who continue to obfuscate the Wahhabi-Salafi identity of ISIS  to NGO funded activists who use sweeping terms like “Islamists” the Salafi-Wahhabi identity of terrorists and this ideology of exclusivism and terrorism is always hidden.  After the tragedy at San Bernadino today, we can no longer afford such obfuscations!


 From the Paris attacks to the regular bomb blasts against innocent Iraqi citizens to San Bernardino, the perpetrators have a common identity.  They are Salafi or its South Asian ideological equivalent Deobandi and have a clear connection in being radicalised through Saudi-funded ideologues.

Shias, Ahmadis and non-Wahhabi Sunnis are the regular victims of violence by Salafi and Deobandi gangs like ISIS/FSA/Al Qaeda and Taliban, ASWJ, Boko Haram, Ahrar Al Sham

The perpetrators of the San Bernardino massacre, Rizwan Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik must be investigated for their links to Wahhabi and Salafi Takfiri preachers.  The infamous Farhat Hashmi, a Salafi Takfiri evangelist is prominent in radicalising women in North America. 


Why can't we call be specific about the Wahhabi-Salafi ideology of ISIS
Why can’t we call be specific about the Wahhabi-Salafi ideology of ISIS


This April 2013 post is as relevant today as it was then

So Brother D–, CAIR’s Executive Director in Michigan speaks out ! Real truth stated from his own pen. Bravo Brother W, Bravo for being honest and Bravo for being the Champion of the Pan Islamism!

This is exactly what we North American Shia Muslims have been fearing and screaming about for the past 15 years with respect to these U.S based and Saudi (As well as Gulf states) funded organizations such as Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR), Muslim Students Association (MSA), Islamic Association of North America (ISNA), Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) and Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC). These Wahhabi/Salafi entities have quite cunningly dominated the politics and policy making aspects of Islam and Muslims in North America for many years and they are determined to maintain that monopoly for ever. Like their masters, they can not tolerate the Shia word in their lexicon because it is rooted deeply in the 1400 years old Islamic history. They abhor us, they detest us, they despise us, and simply put they wish to see us disappear from this planet.

The dangerous and destructive Wahhabi/ Salifi game plan has multiple missions. Unfortunately, a segment of our own Shia community, under the guise of Pan Islamism refuses to recognize this crude reality as they continue to get baited by these entities. Wahhabis and the Salafis have been shrewdly hoodwinking us into a trap that is not only laced with their doctrine of exclusion and Takfir, they want us to be the main contributor and be present on the forefront of creating chaos and destabilization of the Western civilization, so that the Shias will be the fall guys. At the same time they want to keep us away from the limelight that matters and keep the Western governments and the media feeling appeased and satisfied with their deleterious demeanor. This was evidenced in a recent press conference relating to the Boston tragedy, where these so-called Islamic organizations made a show of unity and peace by offering a few mechanical statements about their pious position on this tragedy, while keeping each and every Shia Muslim entity out of their malicious mix.

Now, the first challenge for this nascent entity called Shia Public Affairs Committee (Shia-PAC) is to introduce itself as an independent Muslim organization that is founded exclusively with a mission to combat defamation, discrimination and the persecution of Shia Muslims across the globe. Shias sufferings have reached to its highest levels, and Shia blood continues to spill with no end insight. Secondly , Shia-PAC must launch a campaign of educating our friends and foes alike about Shia Islam and its exalted status. Proclamation must be made, loudly and clearly, about Shia-PAC, never being on the dole any government, either foreign or our own.

We must, however, congratulate Brother Dawud Walid for being the first known defamer of Shia Muslims in North America ! May Allah (SWT) bless us all.

Agha Jafri


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