Key to Defeating ISIS is this Religious Event


“Why should the world take notice? Because what happened in Paris was a small glimpse of what these monstrous beasts are capable of. If they get their way, they will slaughter your infants and carry their tiny heads on spikes. They will butcher your men and enslave your women. How do we know this? Because their ideological ancestors have committed these same gruesome atrocities against none other than the family of the Prophet. They murdered his grandson Hussein in cold blood while chanting ‘Allah Akbar’, an Islamic slogan hijacked for a sinister cause. They severed the head of his infant son as they cheered in mad hysteria!

It was Saladdin, the twelfth-century Tikrit-born Sunni warrior who conquered Jerusalem, yet before marching toward the Roman enclave, he massacred hundreds of thousands of Shias in both Fatimid Egypt as well as Abbasid Syria. Much like today, the road to the Christian West, must cut through Muslim blood.”

“All social and ethnic barriers come crumpling down in Arbaeen. Nowhere else in the world is harmony and cohesion more tangible than during this pilgrimage, where the sense of fraternity is most salient. No other assembly is nearly as congruous or melodious. Despite the inhospitable environment and lack of basic services, the overriding feeling in Karbala is that of unconditional love. The kind of love that makes total strangers extend gratis services fit only for kings” Clear as crystal. Please read.

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