Jeff Siddique explains the misunderstood false binary of Iran and Saudi Arabia



Ahmed: When are we going to realize that Iran is as bad as Saudi ? The mullah of Iran are worse than Wahhabis and contributed to much more death to the region. Saudis have interest selling oil Iran have the same with Shiaa twist which is more dangerous

Jeff: Assalam alaikum Ahmed,

Anyone who says the Iran is as bad or worse than Saudi Arabia, has absolutely no information about Iran. Iran is by far…far…a better society than Saudi Arabia in spite of many restrictions in Iran.

The absolute power the ayatollahs had over everything in Iran is slowly becoming less and less and the people have more of a say on electing their leader.

In Saudi Arabia anyone who dares to question the absolute power of the house of Saud is put to death or at best, gets a thousand lashes (might as well be put to death). In Iran, the same person can expect to go to jail for a while…days, weeks, even years in some cases.

In Saudi Arabia they oppress their Shia populations, destroy their religious places and keep them from having public offices. In Iran, they oppress their Kurds and keep them from going independent but do not interfere with their faith. Iran is against the Bahai but Sunnis are free to live and practice as they please.

In Saudi Arabia, woman do not have a vote, they cannot stand for parliamentary office…there IS no parliamentary office! Women cannot walk outside without a MAN (by God!) protecting her “honor”, they cannot drive, they cannot even operate a business, without the “protection” of a MAN. The few shops where women can work at a public setting are for women only. In Iran women can have their own businesses, they are free to walk about wherever they wish or to drive themselves without the “protection” of a MAN. There IS a parliament where women hold office and where seats are reserved for Jews.

Foreign workers in Saudi Arabia are treated like slaves, they are beaten by their “master”, they are restricted to living in certain quarters, their passports are taken from them and finally, if their “employer” does not wish to pay them or cheats them of part of their wages, the foreign workers have absolutely no recourse. In Iran, foreign workers can expect to be treated fairly and as equals, their access to Justice is open.

In Saudi Arabia they have destroyed almost all the historic places and sites of Islam and built in their place, monuments to wealth and power. The Kaaba is surrounded by mountains of temples to money. Nothing is holy to the House of Saud, except for the House of Saud. In Iran, they respect their holy sites and have done wonders to protect them.

In Saudi Arabia they have built nothing for themselves, they have made no progress in any aspect of real life except to get palaces, fast cars and a military that can bomb people in Yemen from a safe distance. If they could not sell their oil or get the billions from pilgrims, they would have nothing to sell except for sand and camel-shit. In Iran, in spite of the horrific sanctions, they have made great technological advances, more than in any other Muslim country.

Saudi Arabia has made good relations with Israel and is strongly against Palestinians and any groups opposed to Israel. Iran has broken relations with Israel (which is why the sanctions were really imposed) and Iran openly supports anti-Israel movements.

Saudi Arabia is buying mercenaries from Eritrea, Sudan and Central America to attack Yemen. Saudi Arabia has been buying mercenaries from other Muslim countries and supplying them with money and weapons to fight in Syria against Assad where the mercenaries slaughter, rape and loot. Iran too, has been sending their own “volunteers” to fight in Syria on the side of Assad where they are engaged in slaughter of the opposition. I do not support Assad, but right now (I hate to say this), Assad’s side is better than the fanatical butchers and rapists who are running the opposition fight.

I have known people (Sunnis and non-Muslims) who have gone to Iran for tourism and yes, their tours are guided by minders from the Iranian ministry, but still people were able to move around independently, mix with Iranians, talk to them. Check out Rick Steves on line and see what he has to say about travelling in Iran and the people of Iran. Rick Steves is completely independent and has no interest in promoting a country with lies. He owns a travel and touring agency but he does NOT take tours to Iran, Europe is his specialty.

One couple just returned from Iran and they told me how wonderful it had been and how open and friendly people were there even when they were told that they were from America, not Muslim and Iranians could see they were dealing with a White person.

In case anyone reading this should want to know, I am not an Iranian and I am not Shia. It is our religious duty to stand for Justice (Haq) and truth, not false loyalties based on an imagined “enemy” simply because the “enemy” does not belong to our sectarian club.

I am sure you would not make a statement like, “When are we going to realize that Iran is as bad as Saudi ? The mullah of Iran are worse than Wahhabis and contributed to much more death to the region. Saudis have interest selling oil Iran have the same with Shiaa twist which is more dangerous ” without have strong evidence on your side, perhaps you would like to share it with us and help enlighten us?

Please also help me understand why a “Shia twist” is “more dangerous” than the Saudi twist?

Jafar “Jeff” Siddiqui, Managing Broker
Century 21 North West Realty, Kirkland


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