House of Saud has recruited mercenaries from Eritrea, Sudan and now Latin America, to slaughter the Yemeni people – Jeff Siddique



Before some people jump out of their skins.
A “Saudi” is someone who is related to the House of Saud and is helping to run the country. There are tens of thousands of the murderous people in Arabia. An “Arabian” is someone who is native to Arabia and not related to the House of Saud. There are millions of these people in Arabia.
The House of Saud would very much like everyone to believe they are “Saudi Arabians” because that solidifies the grip of the House of Saud, on the country and unfortunately, the marketing program has made more and more Arabians learn to believe they are “Saudi Arabians”.…/meast/israel-gaza-region/index.htmlBack to the story.
The New York Times reports that Emirates and the House of Saud has recruited mercenaries from Eritrea, Sudan and now Latin America, to slaughter the Yemeni people while America is busy trying to sell more weapons to the Saudis and fight Iran to the last Yemeni…just as they did in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union. Except that in Yemen, the Forces of Evil are the US-Saudi-Qatari “coalition”. Arabia and Gulf states have already openly allied themselves with Israel against Palestinians. Emirates Secretly Sends Colombian Mercenaries to Yemen Fight

The exact mission of the Colombians in Yemen is unclear, and one person involved in the project said it could be weeks before they saw regular combat. They join hundreds of Sudanese soldiers whom Saudi Arabia has recruited to fight there as part of the coalition.
In addition, a recent United Nations report cited claims that some 400 Eritrean troops might be embedded with the Emirati soldiers in Yemen — something that, if true, could violate a United Nations resolution restricting Eritrean military activities.

The United States has also been participating in the Saudi-led campaign in Yemen, providing logistical support, including airborne refueling, to the nations conducting the airstrikes. The Pentagon has sent a team to Saudi Arabia to provide targeting intelligence to the coalition militaries that is regularly used for the airstrikes.

The Obama administration has also in recent years approved the sale of billions of dollars’ worth of military hardware from American contractors to the Saudi and Emirati militaries, equipment that is being used in the Yemen conflict. This month, the administration authorized a $1.29 billion Saudi request for thousands of bombs to replenish stocks that had been depleted by the campaign in Yemen,

I believe the Gulf states including Arabia, are feeling the emotional pressure that their current Muslim mercenaries (from Pakistan, India and other countries) are feeling. This creates a potential instability to the thrones of the “Kings” and “Sheikhs” in the Gulf states so they are starting to phase non-Muslim soldiers in and Muslim soldiers out. Of course, if this continues, the strongest hand in the Gulf will be that of the US who controls the countries from which these soldiers come from.

I hated Arafat in his last days when he sold out to the Israelis so he could maintain just the veneer of power, but he once made a wonderfully true comment when he said, “This Brothel (Middle East) has 21 whores (countries) and I am the only man”.
He was right.

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