Ahmed Mohamed demands $15m compensation and written apology after homemade clock arrest – Riaz Malik Hajjaji


At a time when leading US presidential candidates like Trump and Carson are engaging in fear mongering tactics against muslims in general, it is pathetic to see Saudi-funded CAIR take advantage of legitimate concerns.

There were always concerns about Ahmed which had been expressed in an earlier wall post. For starters, how about that silly claim of being an inventor – especially of the clock that has existed in some form since as long as 4,000 years!

Ahmed’s father is connected to CAIR which is looking for every opportunity to cash in on occasional right-wing fear mongering against muslim. Ahmed simply pulled out the innards of a digital clock and stuffed them in a pencil case. He carried this to every class room during the school day in question and was reportedly (as per Mark Cuban on Weekly Update with Bill Maher) passive aggressive about what the device was to his English teacher holding one of the last classes on that day.

The teacher, not getting a clear answer, got suspicious, detained him and called the cops who over reacted by briefly cuffing him. The overreaction by the police was not predicated on a bomb scare as otherwise they would have evacuated the entire school immediately and not sat across Ahmed as they interrogated him.

Following this brief but regrettable overreaction by the cops, Ahmed and his family immediately removed themselves directly from the public and allowed the CAIR machinery to popularise Ahmed’s case. Within hours and thanks to a viral social media campaign (conducted no doubt by people with resources), Ahmed became a global celebrity with invitations to the White House and MIT and a gift hamper from Microsoft that would be the envy of the planet. Ahmed first chose to engage in photo ops with a mass murdering dictator and then his family and him migrated to Qatar – a repressive Salafi Gulf Dictatorship monarchy that funds the most virulent muslim sects globally.

While there are few and isolated instances of discrimination against muslims (specifically women in hijab), CAIR’s advocacy and this dubious attempt by Ahmed and his family only hurts the cause of American muslims. Conversely, it was only Bill Maher who pointed out the tragic case of the Nimr family youth who is facing crucification in Saudi Arabia for simply being a Shia muslim political dissident.

Similarly, the isolated and occasional discrimination faced by a few Muslims in America is not even in the same universe as the violence and discrimination that muslims inflict on Christians, Druze, Ahmadis, Shias, Sufis, Non-Salafi Sunnis, Hindus and Ezidis in muslim majority countries. There were a scant few muslims who supported Ahmed who also point out Muslim instances of discrimination and violence against others. Fewer still care about ‪#‎ShiaGenocide‬ being perpetrated even in Shia-majority countries like Iraq and Bahrain.

With this demand for $15m, Ahmed and his family has exposed himself even further for the frauds that they are. The school district will suffer from both the legal fees needed to protect themselves against the punitative measures taken by this family. Ordinary children will suffer while Ahmed and his family enjoy a privileged life in Qatar where Non-Qatari workers are otherwise treated horribly. Fewer people will take the next case of alleged discrimination against muslims in America seriously.

This is also a time for muslims to confront the extremism within their communities. Shia (Isnashari, Bohra, Ismaili), Sunni (Barelvi, Sufi, Non-Salafi) and Ahmadi muslims in North America need to create distance between themselves and the Saudi-funded Salafis Wahhabis. Currently, the victims of muslim violence (Shias, Ahmadis) are being conflated with the same perps inflicting the violence when they fail to counter vague, sweeping and obfuscatory terms life “Islamist”. There are no Shia or Ahmadi terrorists amongst muslims in North America and the common thread from the first attack on the World Trade centre (1993) to the Boston Marathon bombing will inform which sect is responsible for terrorism and violence.


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