Ashrafi liberals and their Shia baiting in the time of Muhurram – Riaz Malik Hajjaji



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Its that time of the year. Yes, its Muharram. Time to Bait and Bash Shias. This is that time of the year when Sufyani-Ashrafi liberals find common cause with some Ayatullahs in defining what it is that some mourners and protestors commemorating Hussain can do to themselves.

These “liberal” proponents of free will wake up during Muhurram to mock and jeer the cultural practices. During the rest of the year, they are least bothered about the existential crisis faced by the Shias. These are the same “liberals” who throughout the year engage in perpetuating the False moral equivalencies of “Iran vs Saudia” and in Muhurram, they find comfort in the anti-Azadari fatwas of Ayatullah Khamenai! Irony much..

These “liberals” will never trash protest movements which have immolating Buddhist monks. Or Minister Charles Moore in Dallas, 2014 when he burnt himself to protest discrimination. Or in secular movements like that protestor who stood in front of a Chinese tank. Leftist commentators in Pakistan glowingly refer to those pro-democracy protestors who immolated themselves during protests against the military dictator Zia ul Haq.

However, the sight of Shia and in some cases, even Hindu and Sikh mourners of Karbala engaging in self flagellation becomes a global crisis. Suddenly, the same proponents of free will find common ground with some Iranian Ayatullahs. The same “liberals” who care two hoots for ‪#‎ShiaGenocide‬ start lecturing the mourners of Hussain on how they have no right to their own bodies, being and actions. Clearly, the sight of Shias, Sufi Sunnis, Hindus and Sikhs flagellating themselves as a symbolic gesture of empathy and protest for Karbala is not palatable. Hypocrisy much!

These are the same “liberals” whose Facebook walls are littered with condolences and heartbreak – statuses which relate to the death of fictional characters set in medieval times with gratuitous violence inflicted on others that exceeds any Self-flagellation by the mourners of Hussain Ibne Ali.

The tragedy befalling the Fictional House of Stark is more important for such liberals than the tragedy befalling the real house of the Holy Prophet which was murdered by Caliph Yazeed Bin Muawiya.

I am sharing this comment with a quote I came across:

“Of all the obfuscating binaries Shias have been tripping over (Sunni-Shia, Saudi-Iran, Farsi-Arab) the most diabolical and nefarious by far is a home grown one;

Azadari vs Namaz which is effectively Hussain (as) vs Allah…these lackeys of malaoon Ahmad Kasravi who disguise themselves as ‘reformed & enlightened” Shias and harass the devoted ashiqs of Imam Hussain (as) by cherry picking quran, Ahadiths of masoomeen(as) and works of pathetic and theologically discredited mullahs to attack the very foundation of Wilayat and Ismaa, they are more viscous and violent than the worst of takfiris…

, matters of Ismaa or Wilayat are too uncomfortable for the inflated modern ego…they reduce Hussain (as) and Karbala to a Marxist, Modudi movement with a bit of Edhi thrown in, instead of the glorious cosmic sacrifice and fulfillment of Allah’s greatest promise and completion of the entire inheritance of all Prophets (as)”

This quote reminds me of the perfumed, coiffure and bathed Upper-middle class Uncle Tom Shia apologists who disdain fully mock the less economically fortunate mourners of Imam Hussain. These same apologists collaborate with those Sufyani liberals in dictating how others must conduct themselves. Fascism anyone.

One thought on “Ashrafi liberals and their Shia baiting in the time of Muhurram – Riaz Malik Hajjaji

  • October 21, 2015 at 3:28 am

    A good effort to identify the black sheep of the community who always attempt to create a gulf of enmity between Sunnis and Shias on every Muharram ul Haraam thus disturbing the peace of the land. We must develop a positive attitude and inculcate the true teachings of Prophet Muhammad(swa)and point out such hypocrites among us in order to maintain the peace of the land. We are not concerned what is happening in Iran or Saudi Arabia but we are more concerned about our home land, Pakistan, where we feel more protected and comfortable than any other piece of land in the world. Long Live the people of the land and Long Live the Pakistan…!!


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