Hajjaji salutes General Petraeus disingenuous support for Al Qaeda “moderates” in Syria – Riaz Malik Hajjaji


General Petraeus’s sly backing of Al Qaeda “moderates” reminds Hajjaji of the Good Taliban vs Bad Taliban/Pakistan Taliban vs Afghan Taliban “distinction” that was made by the civil and military establishment in Pakistan.

This “distinction” was formalised in the (in)famous Jinnah Institute Report based on the aggregate recommendation of supporting Haqqani network and Mullah Omer by the Foreign policy elites of Pakistan.

This distinction was further formalised when “dialogue” was proposed with the Taliban in their Qatar offices.

“In a statement to CNN, Petraeus said some members of the Al Qaeda-affiliated Al-Nusra Front might be persuaded to join the coalition battling the IS group.”


This reminds Hajjaji of those apologists who limit Saudi Arabia’s decades long institutional, logistical and financial to ISIS/Free Syrian Army/Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Taliban, Jaish and ASWJ-LeJ as the work of “a few Saudi businessmen”.
The irony of General Petraeus backing Al Qaeda who caused 9/11 evokes the memory of infamous Taliban supporter, General Hamid Gul. In the United States establishment, General Petraeus clearly plays the same role that the late General Hamid Gul undertook for Pakistan. Like Hamid Gul who headed the ISI, Petraeus also lead the CIA.

The destruction from Pakistan to Libya has been undertaken by Takfiri Salafi and Deobandi groups. Syria, Libya, Iraq and Yemen are “enjoying” the benefits of the (Saudi) Arabian “Spring”. Clearly, it is not just sections of the Saudi, Pakistani (Nawaz Sharif) and Turkish (Erdogan) establishments who support these Takfiri terrorists. Such support can also be found amongst sections of the US, French and UK establishments.

After all, wasn’t it Senator McCain who posed with the same Al Qaeda terrorists aka Free Syrian Army. And isn’t Anjum Chaudhary, the Deobandi hate monger who incites on behalf of ISIS who is roaming around freely in the UK.



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