WikiLeaks and Saudi obsession with Iran – Agha Shaukat Jafri


How many additional revelations the Western powers and their policy makers would need so as to shut the faucets of friendship and favoritism that are showered non-stop upon the evil empire of Saudi Arabia. Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan, the foremost U.S allies keep getting maligned and marginalized by the West despite their enormous contributions in thwarting the evils of terrorism, while Islamic republic of Iran remains the perennial recipient of the blemish for being a pariah State. Saudi Arabia, though, continues to get away with its murderous march, and refuses to terminate the acts of malice and mischief against its neighbors.

Although, the Islamic Republic is not its sole target, the Saudis and their underlings in the gulf states are busy perpetrating crimes, on around the clock basis, against humanity in various Muslim lands and their evil endeavors continue to cause havoc and horror of all sorts. “Shia Iran” is the coinage concocted by the western Intelligentsia that suffers with even a higher degree of paranoia against Iran and its democratically elected government.

Also, quite a few right wing political pundits, the Saudi financed U.S based Think Tanks and the elite western media with a conservative tilt do not hesitate a bit from provoking an environment of hate and fear. The recently agreed nuclear deal between Iran and major world powers is faced with the ugly wrath, that is incited by the aforementioned champions of bigotry and terror.

Islamic republic of Iran, blessed with its oil & gas wealth as well as its highly educated young and extremely energetic populace, continues to make formidable inroads in the areas of science, technology and education. Also, Its most refined and sophisticated cultural past enables the descendants of the ancient Persian empire to posses and promote a greater understanding of other civilizations. Saudi Arabia, on the other hand is a Bastian of Bedouins, who, although richer with petro wealth, are no match to the Ajams (The disparaging term Arabs use for Persians) of Iran. The dissolute desert life and the most crude and cruel culture of these nomads of Nejd and Hejaz have historically been rough and reprehensible.

The age old generations of these Arabs were always restricted to shepherding the herds of sheep and camels. Rather than quarreling with Iran and its citizenry at very instance, these arrogant Arabs must find ways and means to collaborate and co-exist with the Persians. This, indeed happens to be the only recipe left to foster positive and plausible relationships amongst Muslims.

One thought on “WikiLeaks and Saudi obsession with Iran – Agha Shaukat Jafri

  • July 21, 2015 at 3:57 am

    You were given a food and now you want to vomit that food. ALLAH already have chosen isrealites and ishmailites and we see that. we don’t need any pretendeR. YOU SHIA ARE PERSIANS AND ARABS THAT ARE SHIA HAVE IRANIAN ORIGIN.the world never buy your lies


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