If anyone will abuse Imam Ali a.s and Bibi Fatima s.a. on the name of ‘Freedom of Speech’ what action should we take at the very least – by Ayatullah Aqeel Gharavi



A few days ago, Aman Ki Asha’s Beena Sarwar’s assistant Ilmana Fasih abused Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Fatima in a facebook conversation. A few Shia and Sunni Muslim peacefully protested on social media against this abuse. However, Beena Sarwar and some of her proxies condemned the protesters, asking them to respect Ilmana’s right of freedom of speech and also alleged that the peaceful protesters were a murderous lynch mob operating a blasphemy campaign against Ilmana Fasih Deobandi.

The following post form Ayatollah Aqeel-Ul-Gharavi page with over 94,000 likes has has described an appropriate and measured response which all lovers of Ahlulbait Shia or Sunni should abide by at the very minimum.


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– Action Required-

If anyone will abuse Imam Ali a.s and Bibi Fatima s.a. on the name of ‘Freedom of Speech’ what will you least do?

Fake liberal Illmana Fasih has done this hideous thing on facebook proudly and her supporters are supporting her instead of asking her to send apologies!

I would request all of you to share this status and links provided in this status as much as you can among your friends otherwise what face will you show on the day of judgement?

1 – Story with picture clips


3- Reply to her

4- Her Twitter Account – make sure you confront her

‪#‎ilmana_fasih‬ ‪#‎fakeliberalilmanafasih‬ ‪#‎weconfrontilmanafasih‬‪#‎beena_sarwar‬ ‪#‎fake_liberals‬


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