Shia muslim Mosque in the UK subject to hate attacks by ISIS-affiliated Deobandi extremists – by Ali Abbas Taj

If the continuous attacks on Shia mosques in Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan – by ISIS/Al Qaeda terrorist groups was not enough – we now have a Shia mosque in the United Kingdom that has been defaced with violence-inciting hate literature

Image courtesy of Telegraph and Argus


The hate speech graffiti inscribed on the mosque is the core part of a hate slogan that is specifically used by ISIS-affiliated Deobandi terrorist group, ASWJ-LeJ in their genocidal campaign against Shias muslims in Pakistan and Afghanistan.



We also received further information that anti-Shia activity has been taking place in the last year in Bradford and Leeds. For example, a year ago, the following leaflet was distributed in schools and local businesses in West Yorkshire. Some individuals who received the leaflet felt that it demonised Shia Islam and Shia Muslims in local communities.” Source: We highlight the Possible Roots of anti-Shia Bigotry in Yorkshire


Unfortunately, many so-called human rights groups continuously obfuscate this genocidal violence. For example in Iraq where hundreds of thousands of Shia Assyrians, Shia Arabs and Shia Kurds have been massacred in regular suicide attacks by the Salafist Al Qaeda and the Deobandi-Salafist ISIS,  the perverse justification is that the minority Sunni communities have been marginalised. These obfuscations not only misrepresent Iraq’s Sunni communities as a monolith (Iraqi Sunni muslims are actually uniting with Iraqi Shia muslims to oppose ISIS) but they also are a perverse justification for Shia genocide. 

Clearly, these apologist arguments are exposed when we examine this hate crime against British Shia muslims.

Where are the Mehdi Hasans? Why are they not openly coming out against this hate crime?

In the past, Mehdi Hasan has been called out for his apologist  role in covering up the crimes of ISIS and in his use of False Moral equivalence in obfuscating Shia Genocide!

Why are the Rubab Mehdi Rizvis not mentioning the specific Deobandi identities of the extremists who defaced a Shia mosque in Bradford?  Can such activists like Rubab seriously claim ignorance on the identity of the Takfiri Deobandi perpetrators of this violence?

Shias, Sunni Sufis, Sunni Barelvis or Ahmadis  are NOT the ones who are being recruited by ISIS in the UK.

On the contrary, British recruits to ISIS are also drawn heavily from Deobandi muslims.

“The Deobandi sect that dominates perhaps 600 out of 1,500-plus UK mosques was born in British India in the 1860s. It emerged after the suppression of the 1857 revolt and the drive among the defeated to purify subcontinental Islam. This is not ancient history. The Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan adhere to one strand or offshoot of Deobandi thought, even though the leadership at the sect’s Darul Uloom (“House of Learning”) headquarters in Deoband, north of Delhi, has now moved closer to the Indian democratic mainstream.

Britain’s imperial past does forge an unusually intimate link to the schools of modern fundamentalism. And now a mutant form of the exclusive creed refined among the 19th-century subjects of one queen sends subjects of another out to kill, and to die, under the black flag of Isis.” Source:


We request our readers to condemn this and write to their political representatives  educating them on the extremist sub-sects (Takfiri Deobandis, Salafis/Wahabis) so that all muslims are not blamed for the bigotry and violence of a few.

2 thoughts on “Shia muslim Mosque in the UK subject to hate attacks by ISIS-affiliated Deobandi extremists – by Ali Abbas Taj

  • June 23, 2015 at 4:29 pm

    Mehdi Hassan has reached a level in media through perseverance and hard work that so few others from the community have. He is in a position where playing the advocate to both sides in the interest of neutrality is key to his longevity. There are columns on Karbala and Arbaeen on huffpost and they haven’t come from nowhere.

    Mehdi Hassan not openly condemning an anti-Shia hate crime does not mean he supports it or doesn’t care. It means he knows there is less value in him saying anything about it, as a member of the group, than someone unaffiliated religiously. That are the politics of the industry – slow and steady or fast and forfeit.

  • June 24, 2015 at 1:33 am

    The self-styled extreme followers of Ahlul Sunnah are devoid of reasons & logic. Their bigotry & intolerance is much worse than the bigotry & intolerance of the followers of non-Islamic faiths. The extreme violence pracriced by their fellow comrades in Syria & Iraq against the follwoers of Ahlul Bait & others are extremely repugnant & without any semblance of moral authority nor in accord with the beautiful teachings of Muhammad (S).


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