Pakistani American cleric Nouman Ali Khan is slowly converting peaceful Sunni Muslims to radical Deobandi and Wahhabi


Not unlike Farhat Hashmi, Zakir Naik, Israr Ahmed and other pro-Taliban Deobandi and Salafi Wahhabi clerics, Nouman Ali Khan, a Pakistan-origin American Deobandi cleric, former Saudi resident, is slowly converting peaceful Sunni Sufi and Hanafi Muslims to Deobandi and Salafi Wahhabi sects, which is a common sect of takfiri terrorists of Al Qaeda, Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba (SSP-ASWJ).

Nouman Ali Khan is a disciple, student and follower of Dr Abdus-Samie, a Deobandi Salafi cleric of Faisalabad (president of local chapter of Dr Israr Ahmed’s Anjuman Khuddam ul Quran) who was himself a disciple of notorious pro-Taliban cleric Dr Israr Ahmed. Dr Israr Ahmed was known for his hatred of the family of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and was also a hater of Sunni Sufi and Shia beliefs. Dr Abdus-Samie later settled in the USA where he continued to misguide and convert peaceful Sunni and Hanafi Muslims to radical Deobandi and Salafi Wahhabi ideologies.

Nouman Ali Khan is an American Deobandi Muslim speaker and founder, CEO and lead instructor at The Bayyinah Institute for Arabic and Qur’anic Studies. Funded by Saudi Arabia and the worldwide Salafi Wahhabi and Deobandi fraternity, he is ranked amongst the 500 Most Influential Muslims in the world. He is successfully converting Sunni Hanafi and Sufi Muslims to Salafi, Wahhabi and Deobandi ideologies and categorically condemns various Sunni Sufi and Shia beliefs.

“Nouman Khan began his formal Arabic training during his childhood schooling in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He continued his Arabic grammar study in Pakistan, where he received a scholarship for ranking among the top 10 scores in the national Arabic studies board examination. Under the guidance of Dr. Abdus-Samie, founder and formal principal of Quran College in Faisalabad, Pakistan, he developed a keen interest in Arabic grammar. He further benefited from Dr. Abdus-Samie by internalizing his unique teaching methods and later translating his work into English. Nouman currently serves as professor of Arabic at Nassau Community College and has taught Modern Standard and Classical Arabic at various venues for nearly 6 years with over 700 students” Source:

Nouman’s agenda is to slowly but surely convert peaceful and naïve Sunni Sufi and Hanafi Muslims to Deobandi (semi-Wahhabi) and Salafi-Wahhabi ideologies. He, along with Zakir Naik, Farhat Hashmi, Javed Ghamidi etc, paves the way for recruitment of Al Qaeda, Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba (ASWJ-LeJ).


In 2014, he released a video statement in defence of Pakistan’s Deobandi tablighi preacher Junaid Jamshed when he was accused of blasphemy. While Noman deemed it fit to specifically defend his Deobandi colleague, he never bothered to speak for the rights of 45,000 Sunni Sufis, 22,000 Shias and hundreds of Ahmadis, Christians and Hindus killed by Deobandi takfiri terrorists of Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba (SSP aka ASWJ aka LeJ) in Pakistan.

My thoughts on the Junaid Jamshed issue.

Posted by Nouman Ali Khan on Sunday, December 7, 2014

Here is how some of his readers and followers commented (on his facebook wall) on his video statement in defence of Junaid Jamshed Deobandi:

Naveed Ali Khan said: You have said a lot, and references are good, only issue is why you are not speaking for those in minorities who were burnt alive, or those who are in prison for same crime based on allegations, why not you talk about them? Does what you say apply on all accused and those who were innocent but murdered, as there was never any justice provided. This nation of ignorant has gone too far and if you want to help people, lets not select from the victims whom you think is right although he is accepting his mistake and asking for forgiveness, but include those as well who never accepted or asked for forgiveness as well. Help the helpless so you could be helped, talk about wider jurisdiction and interpretations and improving the laws, so weak can be protected. If not, it is not possible that you want to save one house while whole neighborhood is burning.

Sidra Fatima said: May be you haven’t heard Nouman Ali Khan’s lectures before. . Many times he talked about tolerance for non muslims in Islam and what Allah says and how Prophet Mohammed SAW treated them.. MashAllah Allah gave brother nouman so much wisdom and knowledge. All his lectures are full of good advice for us and teach us how to deal with situations according to the book of Allah

Adnan Younus said: Please post me a vdo which he adress teh core issue or only specifying the incident whern the christian couple got burned alive or any other were killed? if u have such clip please post

Zain Hasan said: Brother, you are a great voice mA…and you have lots of followers from diverse backgrounds. I really appreciate your above message, just a small request though…Prophet SAWW was rehmat-ullil-AALAMEEN, not just rehmat-ullil-Muslameen. Can you please also try to raise voice for many non-muslims in Pakistan who have been accused of blasphemy, and who either have been mercilessly killed (as a MERE accusation is enough in Pakistan), or who are languishing in jails for the alleged crime? If you can kindly do that, we can raise much more awareness about the unfair practices in which the minority community is routinely targeted. Being the followers of the person who is Mercy for all Mankind, I am sure we will make him very proud as well if we follow his values of mercy and kindness to everyone. JazakAllah

Azra Syed said: Brother no one from the public is angry with JJ but it is the matter of equally treating everyone. These are the ulemas of other sects than his, after his life. And these are the people who have been issuing fatwas against everyone for committing blasphemy. Why you and other scholars came forward before with such verses when innocent people were punished and even brutally killed. Amazingly all sects of maullanas are coming up with Quranic verses everyday. What about Junaid Hafeez? He is in the prison. We only want everyone should be treated in same way! Is there not even a single word from the holy book to support other people, but JJ. It’s quite interesting when your own house is on fire then rules are different but if it’s someone else’s then it’s a bonfire night!

My thoughts on the Junaid Jamshed issue.

Posted by Nouman Ali Khan on Sunday, December 7, 2014

In December 2014, in the aftermath of Deobandi Taliban’s attack on Peshawar army school in which more than 132 children and tens of teachers were massacred, he released a video condemning the massacre but not once did he mention the identity of Taliban and ASWJ-LeJ terrorists nor did he refer to their Deobandi takfiri ideology.

Nouman founded Bayyinah in 2006, after serving as a professor of Arabic at Nassau Community College. His current residence is in Dallas, Texas. He also lectures internationally on the matters of Tafsir and learning Arabic to understand the Quran.
Noman’s agenda is to convert peaceful Sunni Sufi Muslims to the more radical Salafi Wahhabi and Deobandi ideologies from whereon it is easy for Al Qaeda, Taliban and ASWJ (SSP) to further radicalize these converts for transnational terrorism in North America, Europe, Australia, Middle East, South Asia and Africa.

Noman Ali Khan’s Deobandi and Salafi beliefs:

Having studied in Pakistan, he does taqleed although the lack of cap suggests he has salafi leanings. He is also inclined towards Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan which is a known pro-Deobandi-Wahhabi pro-Taliban outfit.

He praises and follows known Nasibi (enemies of Ahlul Bayt) scholars such as Amin Ahsan Islahi and Dr Israr Ahmed.

Nouman Ali Khan considers the cerebration of the Prophet’s birthday (Milad or Maulid) as a non-issue, in other words an insignificant event.

He denies that Prophet Muhamamd (pbuh) and Allah’s chosen prophets, aulia etc can do tawasul (intercession).

See the attached clip wherein he says that he doesn’t have any opinion on the celebration of prophet’s birthday because it a “NON-ISSUE”!!

Nike89x said: I personally know Ustad Nouman Ali Khan. Spent a lot of time with him over 9 months.
The thing I love about him is that he doesn’t get into fiqh. He strictly sticks to Arabic studies only.
He says that fiqh is a personalized thing and for that individual only.
He consults with Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda (Graduate of I believe Deobandi madrassa Binoria Town Karachi) on a lot of issues.
In my opinion he’s very beneficial to listen to.
And I’m not a salafi at all. I follow the Deobandi Ulema.

Kid said: At the very beginning it was Dr.Zakir Naik and the rest of the Brothers on peace TV, than to Brother Zahr Mahmood, abdul jabbar etc(Brothers with inspiration speech), but now I listen to Noumin Ali Khan and Anwar Al Awlaki.

Hamid Ali said: Nouman Ali Khan is a Deobandi/Madudid-type who is very loose on following Madhabs. Rational thinking will dictate that you should stay away from anyone who tries to hide their beliefs. Naturally this is a very sinister move. He is a severe deviant operator, you should not let his words enter your ear lest something enters your heart that you cannot later remove. He is n’t tied to any particular group. He is extremely superficial when it comes to hard core topics of aqeedah,

Mazhar Khan said: Peace Tv belongs to son of Shaytan Zakir Nalayak

Dharyn Dharyn: Nouman never said that he is a najdi but i always knew he was one..Satanic goat face


Title: Nouman Ali Khan, the Pakistani American cleric who is converting peaceful Sunni Muslims to radical Deobandi and Wahhabi cult

Segment 1:
Praises notorious pro-Taliban cleric Dr Israr Ahmed known for hatred of Sunni Sufis, Shias and Ahlul Bayt (1:40 to 2:17)

Segment 2:
Belittles the birthday (Milad or Maulid) of Holy Prophet (pbuh) (3.21 to 4.00)

Segment 3:
Refutes the Sunni Hanafi, Sufi and Shia belief of tawasul and shiafa’at (inercession) and describes it as polytheism (shirk) 1:20 to 2:14

Segment 4:
Claims that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) will not have any authority to do the shiafaat for his own daughter Fatima (r.a.). (9.00 to 9.40)

Segment 5:
Defends Junaid Jamshed Deobandi, asking for the pardon for his alleged blasphmey – but no such appeal for Taseer, Aasia Bibi, Shias, Christians, Ahmadis? 6:25 to 8:17

Segment 6:
Not unlike the Taliban and ASWJ Deobandi clerics, Nouman Ali Khan generically mentions and condemns the Peshawar army school attack but doesn’t even once clearly name and condemn the Taliban or Doebandi khawarij. 6:35 to 7:20



30 thoughts on “Pakistani American cleric Nouman Ali Khan is slowly converting peaceful Sunni Muslims to radical Deobandi and Wahhabi

  • January 14, 2015 at 2:17 pm

    Takfiri groups are the biggest threat to Islam! Wahhabi, Takfiri, Salafi, deobandi ideology is responsible for spread of terrorism globally. Prophet Mohammad PBUH said, “Beware of extremism in your religion.” Wahhabism is an ideology of extremism that stems from Saudi Arabia, whose recruits are operating throughout the world as the Taliban, ISIS, Jamaat-e-Islami, Ahle Hadis and Salafis and other terrorist organizations. These are the Takfiri groups. The trajectory of the Wahhabi movement is rooted in violence. It was started in Saudi Arabia by Ibn ‘Abd al-Wahab, in 18th century who decided to ‘purify’ Islam by legitimizing Jihad. His teachings were: “It is halal (permissible) to kill and plunder Muslims who ask from Allah through the mediation of the Holy Prophet & his family, with a view to attain closeness to Allah.” However the Holy Quran says: “… and who saves the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of mankind.” [Quran 5:32]. Be it for Muslims or non-Muslim, the Wahhabi ideology is rooted in the politics of extremism and terror, negating the Quranic message of peace and brotherhood. “Islam is a religion of peace” and is being viewed as a “religion of hatred”, secondary to propagation of Wahhabi extremist teachings of eradicating any opposition through “Jihad”. These beliefs have nothing remotely in common with the teachings of the Holy Quran or Holy Prophet or his family. Join the stand with the Shiapak & Baqee organization & denounce Wahhabi, Takfiri, Salafi ideology. Let’s identify and expose the hypocrites and the black sheep amongst the Muslim ranks, snatch away the masks from their faces and reveal their true intentions, which are truly feelings of hatred for Islam and its heritage…

  • January 15, 2015 at 5:06 am

    Assalam o alaikum,

    After reading all the above, i being a simple Muslim can say one thing. Let them die once, they will see the reality.and they will cry a lot but there will be no way return. Any Muslim who does not believe in shafaat of Rasool Saww they will remain in hell.
    The greatest and simple example is Namaz which we all pray for Allah can not be accepted without Darood on Rasool Saww and His Pure Progny.
    so one who does not believe in Rasool Allah SAWW and His Progny he will remain in hell.
    May Allah besight them with the truth.amen

    • July 10, 2015 at 7:32 pm

      Walikumasalam Akhi Samar
      Akhi so good be sincere but its not good to be ignorant.
      Reading Durood in Salah is one thing and believing in shifaat of rasoolAllah on the day of judgement is one whereas ASKING RASOOLALLAH ON THIS EARTH IS ANOTHER OTHER. THIS IS NOT THE INTERCESSION THIS SHIRK FI DUA.

  • October 1, 2015 at 5:50 pm

    Shia is shit. Go to hell faggots.

    • May 3, 2017 at 7:55 am

      Shias are billion trillion times better than Najdis…

  • November 9, 2015 at 5:06 am

    If you think these or any other Islamic leader is wrong please do not spread spiteful comments about them. Only Allah knows who is right or wrong and whose good deeds are acceptable or not. Allah hasn’t commissioned you or me to bad mouth his creation. By using foul language you are only provoking others to come on and say bad things about others which in my view is fitna.
    It is no different to the western rhetoric about free speech, where the say bad things about islam and our prophet. Quran says don’t say bad things to pagans about their idols because in return they will say bad things about our lord.
    You have the right to disagree with any scholar or religious leader but please if you REALLY want to make a difference than contact them and give them your reasoning or make dua for them to be guided rather than setting up a hate webpage. Remember izza or zilla is in the hand of Allah SWT, fear Allah and don’t do something that might earn you Allah’s wrath. May Allah guide us in the right path.

    • May 3, 2017 at 8:00 am

      Ya when some shows mirror to Najdis they will remember all good things like only Allah will judge who are we…we dont know what’s in the hearts of people etc etc
      I dont know about you but we believe that whatever is in the heart will come out of the mouth like when Najdis say Rasool Allah Sallellahu Alaihi Wa Sallam is dead and cant help…Jihaaaaddd and kill all non muslims etc etc…This is what is in your hearts which you speak. So keep your mouths shut or speak good things. Is it really that difficult to understand?

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  • December 13, 2015 at 12:23 pm

    Your style is unique compared to other folks I’ve read stuff from.
    Thanks for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I’ll just bookmark this page.

  • December 17, 2015 at 1:43 am

    This is not true. I am not a wahabbi or deoband and I love his lectures. Have been listening to him for the past few years.
    Please don’t mislead people with your article.
    Peace !

    • May 3, 2017 at 8:02 am

      Wow…another ignorant Najdi who doesnt even know when he became one among them.
      Use your Aql bro…
      Look at their faces and if you dont see Iblees in them then you are a Najdi too and you dont know yet.

  • February 10, 2016 at 6:12 am

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  • June 14, 2016 at 1:42 am

    People should rather be concerned about whether or not they are going to Jannah or Jahannam instead of passing derogatory remarks about another muslim. Be it a scholar or an ordinary person. Prophet Muhammed (SAW) said say Laa Ilaaha Ilallah and you will be successful. In my opinion whoever claims the oneness of ALLAH By saying this may go to Jannah. We cannot Judge anyone. ALLAH is the final judge.

  • June 27, 2016 at 4:59 pm

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  • July 3, 2016 at 2:22 am

    assalam walekum recently i had discussion wit my very close i call him Qari sahb he cums to our restaurant and i always discuss duniya n deen talks wit him pls read carefully i m alhamdulilah sunni n also ŕespect alhleybait sahabas and sufis.

  • July 3, 2016 at 2:28 am

    i ask y thr is conflict between sunni n wahabism bcoz qari sahb is wahabis mosque imam and teach kids n make quran haafiz qari shab explain me nicely tht the major difference is sunni beleive wht barelvi imam raza said n wahabi believe in ahraf ali mashallah he told me to say moulana ashraf ali thanvi so i did

  • July 3, 2016 at 2:38 am

    qari sahb told me thr was big issues wen someone ask this question to wahabi moulana if in namaz i imagine of nabi Mohammed (SAW) so answer he gave your namaz is not acceptable n its gunaah if u think of Mohammed (SAW) in your namaz so i ask whts your believe he said ths is written in our books n he believe in tht .so i told Qari sahb without u taking Mohammed (SAW)name your namaz cant be accepted in attaiyaat and in AZAAN also.

  • July 3, 2016 at 2:43 am

    my brother law just joint us in tht conversation n he got angry with qari sahb statement but not very harsh way he say how they can say like tht about our nabi (saw) he completely disagree wit qari sahb same time qari shab change his statement and said i learnt this from my elders n books but i wil confirm wit other muftis but i use to believe same way but now i m also ask maafi if i hurt u both

  • July 3, 2016 at 2:57 am

    namaz n ibadat is for ALLAH everything is ALLAH and after ALLAH is my nabi all muslims nabi Mohammed (SAW) and my ALLAH love him and joint ALLAH name wit his nabi name in his kalima then y u wahabis cant think of Mohammed (SAW)in your salaah n talk he his like us human n like us brother then y your name n your brother name Allah never joint wit him please sunni brother dont hate wahabi u can read namaz wit them but dont believe wht they believe about our nabi Mohammed SAW)in salaah if u got imagine of nabi Mohammed (SAW) its very good n honour but all ibadat is for Allah n praise n love our nabi Mohammed (SAW)also

  • July 28, 2016 at 2:18 am

    I was gonna say you guys are khawarij, but even worse. You guys are rawafid. Is this what you guys do all day?

  • November 16, 2016 at 8:53 am

    I do believe all of the ideas you’ve offered in your
    post. They’re very convincing and can definitely work.
    Still, the posts are too short for newbies.
    May you please extend them a bit from next time?
    Thanks for the post.

  • December 31, 2016 at 2:25 am

    May Allah forgive you for these filthy lies against sincere and knowledgeable scholars.

  • March 24, 2017 at 3:51 pm

    Te tengo que ser honesta, el artículo iba satisfactoriamente hasta el fin. No hay qué pasó ahí,
    se sintió un poco flojo el final.

  • September 8, 2017 at 3:07 pm

    This whole article is fundamentally flawed on so many levels. Release your ego people, and go study. Stop wasting your time… It’s running out. Love one another for your differences. Get all the facts and accept you might be wrong.

  • October 3, 2017 at 12:59 pm

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  • October 24, 2017 at 8:59 pm

    Shia people are losers

  • November 24, 2017 at 6:08 pm

    En el momento en que leo artículos como este caigo en la cuenta de que muchos no consideran sus blogs como algo en verdad serio.


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