Cafe Lindt: How to demonize the Shia – by Laleen Ahmad

The tragic #SiegeInSydney by a Wahabi terrorist was misrepresented to incite further hatred against the already targeted Shia muslim communities in Australia.  Shias are being targeted worldwide by Wahabi and Deobandi terrorists from ISIS/Taliban/Boko Haram/FSA/Al Qaeeda/Ikhwan/ASWJ-LeJ.  Hopefully, now Australia and the global community will realise the dangers posed to them by the radical Salafi and Deobandi extremists whose biggest targets are Shias and Sunni Barelvis and Sufis.

A friend based in Sydney called me early in the morning. A Shia, she married a Wahabi man some two decades ago after, what she now describes, “losing my sanity”. Her husband had been in a permanent state of embarrassment because almost every act of Islamofascist terrorism anywhere in the world has involved Wahabis and/or Deobandis. Thus, when the Australian media informed its readers and viewers that Sheikh Monis was an Iranian, the man who took innocent Australians hostage in Cafe Lindt in Sydney’s Martin Place, he went mad in excitement denouncing the Shias in veiled terms.

It was a gala time for Wahabi-Deobandis and their sympathisers in Australia who now (at last!) could ‘prove’ that terrorism is not a Wahabi-Deobandi monopoly.

The moment the Iranian (read: Shia) ‘credentials’ of Sheikh Monis were announced, Australia’s Wahabis and their fellow Deobandis began to shout claiming that they (read: Wahabis and Deobandis) had nothing to do with the terrorists. The media in its ignorance claimed that the flag waved by the Sheikh was a Shia flag. Sydney’s media told people that the Shia sect was a “Cult of Death”. The black flag waved by the Sheikh was the “Shia flag of permanent mourning”. The media did not tell people that the flag waved by the Sheikh is the flag of the al-Qaeda-backed terrorist group Al-Nusra that has been killing innocent civilians in Syria and Iraq.

However, the Australian government also failed to tell the people of Australia and elsewhere that as far back as 2008, the Shia leadership of Sydney had demanded of the Australian government to investigate the Sheikh because he was a dangerous man. The Iranian Foreign Ministry also asked the Australian government to investigate him. Why did the government not investigate him?

However, later in 2008, Monis/Boroujerdi’s activities drew the attention of real Shia’a religious leaders in Australia who asked Australian security agents to investigate him. In an Australian article titled, “Call to probe mystery Shia cleric,” it was reported that:

FEDERAL agents have been urged by the nation’s senior Shia leader, Kamal Mousselmani, to investigate an Iranian man purporting to be a prominent Islamic cleric. 

Sheik Mousselmani told The Australian yesterday the mystery cleric – who has been identified as Ayatollah Manteghi Boroujerdi on his website after appearing under the name Sheik Haron – was not a genuine Shia spiritual leader. 

He said there were no ayatollahs – supreme Shia scholars – in Australia and none of his fellow spiritual leaders knew who Ayatollah Boroujerdi or Sheik Haron was. 

“We don’t know him and we have got nothing to do with him,” Sheik Mousselmani said. “The federal police should investigate who he is. It should be their responsibility.”

But it was the Australian media itself who introduced him publicly as an “Ayatollah” and the Australian government that vetted him and allegedly granted him political asylum. He was allegedly in contact with the UN and was used to stir up anti-Iranian sentiment in Australia. It is then highly suspicious that now both the Australian media and the Australian government appear to have no knowledge of who he is or where he came from.


One answer is that the Sheikh had claimed to have secret knowledge about Iran, which could “expose” it.

The media also did not tell the people that the Sheikh had converted to Wahabism. He thanked Allah that he was no more a Shia “infidel”. “I used to be a Rafidi, but not anymore. Now I am a Muslim, Alhamdu Lillah,” he announced on his web site.Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 6.05.33 AM

After the conversion, he referred to the Shias as “Rafidis” which is how the Saudi-backed anti-Shia elements describe them. “Rafidi” means an infidel.

On 16 December, some Australian newspapers apologised for having incriminated the Shias. Even the government-funded ABC news channel informed its viewers that the Sheikh had converted to “Sunni” (but actually Wahabi) sometime ago.

Shia hatred is not new. The Shias have battled discrimination for centuries. They will continue to do so. However, those who live their lives based on Shia hatred have only blinded themselves. They live the lives of witches. Ultimately, those Establishment elements in Western countries that support the Wahabis and Deobandis are placing their own countries and lives of people all over the world in grave danger.



2 thoughts on “Cafe Lindt: How to demonize the Shia – by Laleen Ahmad

  • December 16, 2014 at 9:14 am

    You Shias are getting too uppity. How dare you reject the Chummah from the Ummah. See my current status. Me and my Muawiya Marxist and Sufyani liberals were all set to misuse the Sydney incident for some good ‘ol Shia bashing but Monis had to screw up and admit that he was no longer a Shia but a “pucca” muslim now

  • December 16, 2014 at 9:15 am

    Dear Ummah, Sufyani Liberals and Muawiya Marxists,

    We did our best to blame the Shias for the ‪#‎SiegeInSydney‬ but the terrorist masterminded, Sheikh Haron Monis himself committed a faux pas and messed up what could have been a lucrative attempt for Shia Bashing.

    In the past, us Sufyani liberals/Muawiya Marxists/Yazeedi Atheists of Pakistan have worked hard to create false binaries when we lump the Shia/Sunni Barelvi/Ahmadi victims of Deobandi/Salafi terrorism in the same category. We worked hard to portray Shias as Iranian Fifth columnists and either subtly or directly blamed Shias for their own Genocide. Blaming-the-victim tactics is not the only thing we have learnt from Jamaat-e-Islam and Ikhwan. We used vague and sweeping terminology like Islamist or Sunni to deflect attention away from the specific Deobandi or Salafi identity of terrorists.

    Similary, its getting harder to define the Al Qaeda/ISIS “rebels” in Syria as “moderate” and the Shias in Iraq who are fighting ISIS as “sectarian”. Intellectual fraud works up to a point before backfiring – as it clearly has.

    However, this time that tactic has already backfired. The Sydney terrorist, Sheikh Haron Monis has publicly denigrated the Shias and rejected them.

    Please come up with some fresh tactics for Shia bashing even as the brunt of the attacks by ISIS is targeted towards the Shias – who are finally rejecting the Deadly Chummah from the Ummah and making their own narrative.

    “I used to be a Rafidhi (pejorative term used for Shia muslims by ISIS-ASWJ/LeJ/Taliban/Boko Haram types and other muslim extremists) , but not any more. Now I am a Muslim, Alhamdu Lillah (praise be to God)” – Sheikh Haron Monis, Sydney Siege Gunman”


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