Deobandi terrorists supporting Transnational Salafi ISIS

The involvement of Deobandi terrorists from ASWJ-LeJ, Taliban, Jundullah in Syria and Iraq has been ongoing since some years. This tweet by Elijah Magnier highlights the role of another suicide bomber in Iraq of Pakistani origin

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Deobandi terrorists from Pakistan have been providing assistance to Salafi/Wahabi Al Qaeda/FSA/ISIS and this has been documented as early as 2012 – back when Al Qaeda and ISIS were known as the “moderate” rebels

Takfiri militants from Pakistan are fighting in Syria with an anti-Semitic cause – by Kapil Komireddi


Pakistani Deobandi Wahhabi militants killed near Syrian capital


ASWJ-LeJ’s involvement with ISIS


There are intellectually dishonest hacks who still try to obfuscate and hide the Deobandi-Salafi nexus by using vague terms like “Islamists” to describe the terrorists of ISIS. The growing evidence is against them.

The Salafi-Deobandi ISIS has shocked the world with its brutal and genocidal campaign against Sunnis (both Arabs and Kurds), Sufis, Shias, Christians, Yezidis and Assyrians in Iraq and Syria.

With its public alliance with ISIS, ASWJ-LeJ is now a global terrorist organization. Its leaders like Ludhianvi, Aurangzeb Farooqi etc as well its political supporters must be held legally accountable as global abetters of terrorism at the global level. Pakistan’s judiciary is clearly biased in their favour.

Senior Pakistani Politicians condemn Deobandi ASWJ as ISIS or DAISH of Pakistan

Sherry Rehman Deobandi Daish

Deputy Speaker of Sindh Assembly "Punjabi Taliban are another name for Daish"
Deputy Speaker of Sindh Assembly “Punjabi Taliban are another name for Daish”

Takfiri Khawarij maybe Deobandi Salafi or Wahhabi their ideological roots are the same:

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