Fundamentalist Islam or Takfiri Fascism of Deobandism Wahhabism and Salafism threatens the West



Here is a tweet that depicts a pathetic mind that is earning a lot more publicity than it deserves. Unfortunately, this pathetic mind is fast gaining currency among Muslim youth in the midst of Western nations, abetted in no uncertain proportions by well-funded Wahabbi and Salafi madrassas that continue to proliferate in the West. It is now crystal clear that fundamentalist Islam stands as the world’s leading anti-American and anti-Western ideology. The Muslim fundamentalists like this girl despise the West with fervour and near-obsession, and yet they are allowed to propagate their ideology in the West – reaching out to impressionable and sometime disenfranchised Muslim youth. These fundamentalists living in the West are largely immigrants most of whom have been taken in by these countries to escape poverty and violence in their home countries. Yet they feel no loyalty to the people who have taken them in, no responsibility to adapt to their new countries. Rather they demand that their new countries adapt to them. What an outrage!

The problem facing us is not Islam the religion but fundamentalist Islam, which is an ideology. We can oppose the ideology while at the same time respecting the faith; this, after all, is what the many anti-fundamentalists Muslims do. Yes, fundamentalists do not comprise a single movement. However, while they may differ widely among themselves in temperament and in specific policies, all the violent strands of Islam in today’s world are invariably spun from the same ideology in various guises like Takfiri Salafism, Wahabbism, and Deobandism.

These fundamentalists not only hate Western culture but are also the most heinous and ungrateful people – sowing hatred against the West and its values while they continue to lead comfortable lives in the West. These people can never wish us well and must never be tolerated in the West. To the intense frustration of non-fundamentalist Muslims, the United States has become the rearguard headquarters for fundamentalist ideology. With almost no restrictions and little oversight; they collect money here, provide communications links, disseminate hate literature, found indoctrination centres, and spew out propaganda. They indoctrinate Muslim immigrants into believing that there is only one interpretation of the Koran possible to which every Muslim should stick, and that religious rules are more important than the laws of the country in which they live. What is worse is that these views are becoming moiré prevalent among younger Muslims than among older generations. It’s time we stop tolerating such indoctrination of intolerance in our midst. Time and time again history has shown that making concessions to any radicals does not work. It has never worked and it never will. Thus, we cannot entice these Muslim fundamentalists to change their core values with free housing, civics classes, and English language training. They have to be dealt with extremely severely as they deserve and their ideological supply lines –mainly funded by Saudi Arabia and Gulf Arabs- have to be cut and wiped out.


3 thoughts on “Fundamentalist Islam or Takfiri Fascism of Deobandism Wahhabism and Salafism threatens the West

  • November 18, 2014 at 4:40 pm

    Maybe before stating such things in social media, ask the mothers, sisters, wife, fathers, brothers , who are becoming the victims for no such reason. Ask them how they feel when they see their loved ones head torn apart from their bodies on social media and when the body bags come home, specially those bodies with missing parts, people who play football with someone’s head are not considered as Humans, such animals are threat to humanity, apart from this everyone like you who wish to support them and are disrespecting other countries,is spoiling the name of Islam. Such acts won’t be tolerated on the day of judgement.

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