Deobandi terrorists of ASWJ-LeJ and Taliban slaughtering Shia Muslims to commemorate their Eid

Sunni Shia Tariq FatahShias of Pakistan are reeling from sadness and shock as the fourth bomb blast against them took place in the last 72 hours.  This fourth blast took place in a Shia Hazara locality and five people have already lost their lives while twenty others are injured.  The blast location is a crowded market place in Quetta where Shias were buying provisions to commemorate Eid in the next two days.

Shias have been mercilessly targeted all over Pakistan and Quetta, along with Hangu, Dera Ismail Khan, Chilas and Karachi are the areas where the Shia casualties are the highest.  LUBP has done its best to maintain and update a Shia Genocide database.

This is a situation which requires global attention for not just the Shia victims but the Deobandi terrorist perpetrators from interconnected groups like ASWJ-LeJ, Jundullah and the Taliban.  These groups have formally declared their alliance with ISIS (Pakistani Taliban declare allegiance to IS militants)

The Quetta, Balochistan chief of ASWJ-LeJ is Ramzan Mengal who lead the funeral prayers for Baloch nationalist leader, Khair Bux Marri.

Meanwhile Pakistan’s (fake) liberal elites and its human rights champions have played a significant negative role in deliberately obfuscating and denying Shia Genocide by misrepresenting it in the false Sunni vs Shia/Saudi vs Iran binary.  They also have a track record of misrepresenting Shia Genocide by changing the focus to ethnic terms.  In this Pakistan’s commercially-motivated liberals are often seen collaborating with the HDP – an establishment backed clique whose goal is to obfuscate Shia Genocide in ethnic terms.  The deliberate obfuscation of misrepresenting Shia Genocide in ethnic terms persists in spite of an explicit and published declaration of intent to commit Shia Genocide by the Deobandi ASWJ-LeJ group on their letterhead.

Many non-Hazara Shias have also been killed in Balochistan by the same sectarian Deobandi militia ASWJ-LeJ (List of non-Hazara Shia Muslims killed by ASWJ-LeJ terrorists in Balochistan). Earlier this year, nearly a hundred Shia pilgrims, many from Pashtun backgrounds were killed in Balochistan.

Here is an example of the blatant dishonesty by Pakistan’s fake liberal elites.

As per Tarek's perverse reasoning, the Taliban-ASWJ-LeJ that is massacring and targetting Shias and Ahmadis is motivated by anti-Nationalist and Feminist sentiments!
As per Tarek’s perverse reasoning, the Taliban-ASWJ-LeJ that is massacring and targetting Shias and Ahmadis is motivated by anti-Nationalist and Feminist sentiments!

First of all Tarek Fatah sneakily separates Shias and Hazaras into two separate categories and then, in a typical Jamaati tactic, blames the Shia and Ahmadi victims for their own ongoing genocide and persecution. If one were to follow his perverse reasoning, then the Deobandi ASWJ-LeJ terrorists who are targeting Sunnis, Sufis, Shias, Ahmadis, Christians, Sikhs and Hindus are actually Feminists!

This is the same Tarek who is also known as Takfiri Tarek and the Canadian Zarqawi due to his sectarian bigotry against Shias and his takfiri act of apostasizing the Holy Prophet’s beloved uncle Abu Talib – who was also the father of Imam Ali. During the Pro democracy movements in the Shia majority State of Bahrain, Tarek Fatah was a shameless apologist of the Saudi and Pakistan Army mercenary-backed Bahraini monarchy and engaged in the typical sectarian baiting tactics used by Sipah Sahaba aka ASWJ.

From Tarek Fatah to Jibran Nasir as well as many other influential (fake) liberals from Pakistan, there has been a persistent effort to misrepresent Shia genocide.  The world needs to pay attention to the precarious plight of the different Shia communities in Pakistan and ignore the blatant and insensitive obfuscations of this phenomena.


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